Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Little Building

 Hello everyone
I suppose you can say we are slow
maybe we have too many projects going at one time :)

I am sharing a sneak peek, progress has been made
even more then these pictures

Once I get it all set up I will share

Just a reminder it is a simple barn style storage building
AND yes it will be painted on the outside
a Sand color no colored trim but cedar shutters on the window
around the bottom where you see the metal laying at
there will be cedar siding * a skirt around the building *

That was packed full of junk
and trust me when I say this photo does not do the amount
of junk we moved justice at all *sigh*
This junk is now down the center of my hubbies building
and I believe he is ready for it to be moved !!

We emptied the building what a chore

No more barn doors :) and a window with some light YAY
My back porch off of my house that steps down to the porch in 
front of this door will be covered. And I will have a little table
and chairs on my porch for my building
so many plans, so little time (smile) But I am being patient
It will get done
I still have this back porch to stain and a ton of fencing 
I need to hire me a crew to get this stuff done LOL

we removed the loft at the back end of it
dropped the ceiling and did the walls
The window on the opposite side has a window air conditioner in it
And a cedar lean too is built on that side so I get no light through
that window

I even have a ceiling light and ceiling fan too 

We have added stained baseboards around the floor
I still need to cut in with paint around the ceiling
*why yes I should of already finished that job*

We have moved a Bed in for guests
And a HUGE HEAVY *this body is feeling it* SHELF
I am not looking forward to moving the rest of the furniture
that is for sure!

my house is a disaster area but soon I can get everything
back to some sort of normal around here

I wanted to paint all the furniture and really doll up my 
little room but, I think I have ran out of energy and I still
have piles of things to move into it, I will organize as I do this

I will share more soon


  1. I am so tickled for you Brenda, as I know we've discussed this many times. Glad you are finally having your dream "space" come true!

  2. It is looking great. How nice to have your own building to work in.

  3. What a great space, and nice to have a separate area to work in.


  4. Hi Miss Brenda,

    Oh, that is a bee-u-tee-ful studio, and I am so happy for you. But you know, there could be a little corner for me - I could come and visit, and maybe "help".

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. Emptying out and redoing my little building is on my list of to dos - but I don't know when I am going to get to it. I keep looking at it and saying "someday". LOL


  6. So glad for you, no more having to work on the dining table and move it off to eat!
    Love this! Air and a fan!

  7. Hi Brenda, your building is lovey, I could live there! So happy for you. hugs, Lecia


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