Saturday, June 6, 2015

And they call them She Shed's

No man cave a She Shed! I have searched and searched online
for ideas for my Someday Studio/guest room

As most know I have waited a long time to get this dream
kicked in gear and get my building done

I have had my paint for the exterior since last year?
But being that the project just never seemed to get started
Inside! I have not painted yet, and then with all the rain 
this year, that too got put on hold!!

While on facebook today I seen a news video on She Shed's
So I browsed pinterest and sure enough many are sharing
their sheds in their back yards as just that a 'She Shed'

The barn doors are gone on the front of my building
It now has a standard exterior door with the pane window
in the top, to provide me with more light
The window on the other side not seen will house my
window air unit, hubby is even talking about building me
a small pot belly wood stove :)

My building sets outside my backdoor 
there is more room between the house and building then appears
in this photo! And there is a small wood plank deck in front of it
that leads up to a small deck on the back of our house

I will Paint the outside a sand color to match our trim on our
Little Red Mobile Home
*this photo was taken right after we purchased it*
so much has changed since then :)

The inside has served as storage since we moved here
most of the time Much fuller then this photo (sigh)
We removed it all, and took the loft out
*and now all of my excess Junk, hey and most of it is JUNK*
is housed from one end to the other in the center of hubbies building
Heck If I would of known that by putting it in his building in the 
way would speed this process up I would of moved it sooner LOL

They dropped the ceiling
*something I did not want to do!*
But with it also serving as a guest room
we wanted it to be easier to heat and cool

progress has been made

We gave our dryer to my son and DIL
hopefully they will get it out of my way this next week
All walls are now hung and taped
It has gotten hot and humid, so we will be putting
my window Air unit in this weekend
then I can finish mudding, and sanding so I can Paint

There will be a ceiling fan at one end and a light fixture 
on the other end
My FIL gave us an old wood screen door that I wanted
to place on the front of it, but I am not so sure I would
not rather screen the porch in and use it on that
I am sure that idea will not please Hubby as he is ready to Finish
and just get this job DONE  LOL !!

I can not wait to get in there and put what will move then
likely be wall to wall furniture *SIGH*
But still yet I am excited to have the space so I can
organize my supplies and make it my OWN space
They have opened our big bridge up the water has been
receding so now I can go to Lowe's for what I need 
I will share more as we make progress

Hope you have a wonderful weekend


  1. It looks fabulous Brenda, and a long time in coming for you. I would love to see pics of you when you are doing the "mudding" LOLOL

  2. It's going to be wonderful! I'm so envious, but I can see it has been a lot of work getting it ready.

  3. Oh it's going to be so awesome when it's done! Par-tay time! Well ok, the happy dance then! :)

  4. That is going to be wonderful for you. It looks great so far!

  5. Brenda it is getting there! I can't wait to see it all done!
    Be blessed,

  6. How wonderful! Enjoy your great new space! Maggie

  7. Can't wait to see some more photos - looks great so far!

  8. Oh I would so love a She Shed. A little haven of my own. Love the inside of yours thus far. Can't wait until you have it all fixed up and share pictures with us. The wait will surely be worth it once you are all cozy inside. Have fun!

  9. Love! So, so much!! I want one too!


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