Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Where is the Sun?

Good Morning Whew this is a small portion of the pillows I 
have done the past few days !!

Where is that sunshine at??

you would think on damp dreary days like this
a person would want to stay inside and create
Well I am but by Golly I am complaining, would much
rather that sun shine even while working indoors *sigh*
Pretty darn Chilly out there this morning

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on the 30th !!
I will be listing a few new pillow tucks this morning

Have a great day

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  1. It's been chilly here also. It takes longer to "warm up" here with the trade winds........but I'm not complaining after the winter we have had! The trees are starting to bud and my flowers are starting to poke thru the soil....that makes me smile......however the 5 yards of mulch on the driveway does not.......my back hurst just looking at it! Sigh! Hugs!


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