Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Still Wet here

Now Mother nature you have given everything a Good drink
and managed to blow almost all blooms from my flowers
it is time for you to share some Sweet sunshine with us
and from the looks of things she is not going to be too kind to us this week
Rain almost every day !

I have two new Lilies but they sure look sad from all the rain and
harsh winds we had yesterday, we will not speak of the other Lily blooms I have
that look sort of, well all distorted?
I went out in the rain to take these pictures
And sure did not want to stop to do any straightening up out there
* it is a tad bit chilly this morning *

I need to prune some bushes that are out of control
But I have laundry going and sewing too
so maybe just maybe "the sun will come out Tomorrow"

I have a Large shipment of Morning glory that should be here today too

I need more Room !!

we have emptied an area in hubbies building to move things out of mine
and store in his while we redo my building
** Yes the same someday studio I have spoke about for a couple of years**
That just never seems to get anywhere!!

I am going to hire me some guys to get this job done soon
because I am just piling back up inside our tiny home!

I want my Kitchen back! really I do, because it is a maze in here

in our home, conversations go as
  I have to move all of my painted things for a prep counter
then I will get dinner started

NO I can not bake that now I have dolls in the oven
(AGAIN mother nature give me sunshine)

I get to see my Lilly again this week, and I can not wait
**a little warmth mother nature so we can play outside**

ok I will stop complaining, summer will be here soon



  1. I hope you have a great time with Lilly this weekend and that you get some much needed SUN :)

  2. You are always so busy and make the cutest things. But get those dolls out of the oven! heehee! And enjoy your afternoon. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Last week was a bummer no sun ~ windy ~ cold & rainy. So far this week it looks like we're going to have lots of sun and warm temps. Hope you have the same!
    Have fun with Lilly!

  4. Kim we will check with this comment, as I have not replied to you by email yet

  5. We will gladly take your rain. LOL dolls in the oven. Have a wonderful time with your little one.


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