Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Thought it was coming, Spring that is?

Ok so much for my previous post

Mother Nature is at it again !!
Someone needs to wake her up and remind her it is March 

As I sit here bundled up on this Cold Bitter Rainy morning
I watch the radar in disbelief that once again we shall see some
Ice and White stuff *sigh*

The pink is Freezing rain ? dang it !

And since this photo was put online it has dropped further south
so hmm, yes it is getting closer to us 

Stay warm friends and stay safe 
and for now we can dream of lush beautiful green trees
and pretty plants 


  1. Brenda ~ we had the snow and rain yesterday and today it is cold and windy.
    This weekend looks like it is going to warm up to the 40's ~ yeah!!!
    Stay Warm and hang in there Spring is right around the corner!!!

  2. We will gladly take your rain. We haven't had much and are already in drought conditions.

  3. Winter is still around..5-6 inches of snow today!!

  4. I've about had it with this weather already. We're still in a deep freeze here in Northern IL, but it does make good walking weather! Stay safe and warm friends!


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