Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I want to ask you a Question

Good Morning 
Shoot I may ask more then one question before this post is completed

Yes I am dreaming of Spring, While so many I know are covered in SO much snowfall I am sure you are dreaming of it as well!
Darn I read online last night that some of you may still have snow on 
the ground well into spring? It actually said all spring, but hey I do not want to depress those of you that are covered in that white stuff

First Question do you go with One color or shades of a main color choice
when planning your planting of flowers?? Silly question, wait grab a cup of coffee there is more to this post. Oh it is me that needs that other cup
Be right back :)
I must be lacking in sleep, from feeling bad LOL Because that was not the question purpose of this post

I have seen so many Link parties on blogs
 many decorating, many based on home decor etc. I am thinking of doing a Link Party once a Week Where readers will link up a post of their latest creation
or a link to an item they have for sell?? Would any of my readers be interested in participating Or should I ask what your thoughts are on Link parties on blogs
do you like them, or are they too much to have on a blog? Or could I possibly hope that your response would be a positive YES

On our Etsy team Blog we have added pages
offering different styles of creations for sale by team members

But wait don't leave me just yet, click that link shortly

I too am planning on doing a few pages on my blog And offering items to my readers do you like that on a blog

Why Yes I am asking my blog readers to interact on this post I am doing spring cleaning 
**Need to do that in the house: smile**
I want to do some changes on my blog to make it more interesting more inviting, more enjoyable to participate !
And I think link parties would be a good way for me to get to know my reader better !

By the way I added a New giveaway to my Facebook Page
and from the response I do believe most are more then ready for spring!

And remember these guys are sitting in a box waiting to 
take flight to a Winner's home 

In the mean time, Gee I need to go back to bed
I have gone through three cups of coffee attempting to put
this scattered post together this morning
I do believe my brain is still asleep 

Hope you find some sunshine today, have a good one


  1. Oh Miss Brenda, your Blog is bee-u-tee-ful and I love visiting. But all those questions......I am busy watching out the window, we had a BIG ice storm and I love looking out and watch the birdies at the feeders.

    Be safe, stay warm.


    1. Prudence is that Ski slope driveway of your dangerous yet? Stay warm and stay Safe

  2. Morning Brenda - Yes, I do like Link Parties. It gives people an opportunity to find other blogs they may not have stumbled upon yet. I would certainly be happy to participate.

    I'm heading over to sign up for the giveaways - I never win, but hey....ya never know...maybe I will be lucky this time. :-)

    Going back to the top of your page, I do mix different shades of the same colors in my gardens, and I try to have only 2-3 coordinating colors in each bed...otherwise it seems to look too cluttered. Ah....it is nice to dream about Spring....but it's going to take a lot of warmth to melt all this snow...sigh.

    1. stay warm up there Wendy, I will let every one know when I get ready to start the link parties
      I am dreaming of new flowers to plant

  3. Ohhhh I so agree with Prudence........toooooooo many questions! especially since I just came in from shoveling 1 hour of that fluffy white stuff called snow. The sun is shining now and it looks like diamonds all over the place.....if only :) LOL Yes, I would love to participate in a Link Party, they are fun and you meet so many wonderful people.

    As far as colors, it all depends on where. I have mostly perennials in the pinks and purples around my house, coneflowers are my favorite. In my antique iron urn, I plant bold colors. I have an area under a huge Weeping Cherry that is all shade with hosta's, purple rhodes and I accent with impatiences that are bright vibrant colors. Now you're making me wish for spring....Uh.....I think you got more information than you wanted from me..........byeeeeeeee

    1. LOL well at least I got your mind off of the snow for a little bit

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I've only participated in one other link up party and I think it was fun :) I say go for it! I guess I usually stay in the purple and pink shades the most. Right now I would be happy with a yellow dandelion! Have a great day!

    1. Stay warm up there Kim. Brr on all that weather so glad we are not getting winter like that.
      It will be spring before we know it

  5. Yes!!! Love link parties, you meet so many great people. As far as colors, I love anything bright. I usually let my plants drop seeds at the end of the season, you end up with a mixture of them the next year. Something only nature can put together.

    1. Thank you Melissa, hope you will join in when i set up the parties
      I can not wait for flowers and I want some new ones this year

  6. I don't really go for one color in my garden. It is pretty much a mish mash of different plants. If I think it is interesting I will usually plant it. We do get a lot of compliments. It all works out.
    I have never done a link party. Looked at them but never been in one.

    1. I have been searching online for new plants this year.
      I hope you will consider joining in on a the link party

  7. I love to mix all different colors of flowers. If I love the flower and the color, then I buy it. As for link parties, I don't mind them. It does give everyone a chance to meet fellow bloggers, but sometimes I try not to overwhelm myself with trying to link up. I would question the fellow bloggers that host the link up parties if it overwhelms them. Some of the more popular link parties from the last couple of years have suddenly disappeared, so I suppose it could get overwhelming and of course life commitments are always going to come first!

    1. I will see how it goes may just try it every couple of weeks
      I tend to go towards shades of one color I think I will burst into all colors this year

  8. I am still waiting for winter. We have had another spring like winter without much needed rain. link parties can be fun. Sometimes I just don't have the patience to look through them. As for flowers I plant what I like I just try not to get too many of the same color.

    1. we too have had a mild winter this year, but have had rain, need more but won't complain
      I am excited for spring to get here to plant new flowers

  9. Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea! I need to get off the computer and hook for a bit before bed.

    1. I hope you will participate in the link Party Cathy
      Have a wonderful evening

  10. in regard to flower garden, I always look forward to spring and I like a lot of color. :)

  11. I love many different colors/species of flowers in a garden. Kinda eclectic. Your blog is already so fun and interesting. I do like the link parties, as they do help connect people with similar interests. 'Haven't had much luck with them myself, though. Only 2 or 3 people linked-up to any of mine mine so I just stopped hosting them myself. I do still support others by linking-up to their parties though. Link parties do seem to work well for other people. Here in the South we are having ice and rain and very cold temps. Business and schools closing and openings delayed. The groundhog must've seen his shadow, lol :)

  12. My flowers seem to run in color spurts, first the pinks, reds, etc, then on to some purples, then the yellow and oranges last. Most are lily's, of different kinds, some phlox, the lovely bee balm, more lily's, and then black eyed Susan. I have yet to get. cone flowers to live here. I had beautiful dahlias, but the ground hogs devoured them. I spent years growing sun flowers but the ground hogs knock them down, every year so I gave them up. I have different colored impatiens in pots.
    I follow some link ups, I don't do projects like I used to, for years I lived to craft, but love seeing what others do. Just seeing things is pure enjoyment for me. Hope yours go well.

  13. Good Morning Brenda, Yvonne here from Beth's Raggedy Attic. Your blog and post are always so interesting and your blog always looks great. A Link Party sounds fun and I would love to blog along. I did not have many to link to mine from the
    Grow your Blog Party ( but then I'm still fairly new.) I don't belong to any groups either, but it's fun and interesting, meeting new people is always a blessing and a joy, and to hear the fun and interesting stories and to see their beautiful art work, getting tips, etc. And I love the purple and pink with a touch of yellow in the middle for flowers. I'm thinking of my pots even now. God Bless

  14. I think I find flowers that I like and go from there..I usually lean toward a very dark red and I like geraniums because they still look good in August..I link to parties once in awhile but I already spend hours on my computer blogging so I try not to add any more daily visits..Good luck with your party..There are a lot of creative gals out there so I'm sure it would be a success..

  15. Hi!!!!! I love a big variety of colors and flowers!!!!!! Yes!!!!! I think a linky on the blog would be fun!!!!! I like to show stuff and have visitors even if not selling anything!!!!!! I think selling on your blog YES might be good...then we could see what you have without going out looking in another spot!!!!! See it right here while I am thinking about it!!!!! Might motivate me to make some spring cuteness!!!!! Thank You I am going for more coffee too!!!!!


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