Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bunnies and more Bunnies

Thinking Spring!!!

Creating Rabbits

Ignoring the fact that Mother Nature apparently 
realized she had over looked us, and dumped a bit
of Ice, Sleet upon us this past weekend

And she must not be done with us yet as today is the 
only day of the week we do not have a prediction for 
precipitation !! Darn it all, I was enjoying this winter
But not now, I am dreaming of Flip flops !!!!
Not freezin cold weather and ICE !!!

Item are listed in my Etsy shop

Orders are everywhere, and I have supplies being 
mailed to me, I can not wait

Ok back to my work table I go
wishing you a wonderful day


  1. Love love love your bunnies tis the season for bunnies!

  2. Love the new pieces and perfect for spring and easter.


  3. All your bunnies are great. We will gladly take some of your rain. We are already in drought conditions with very little rain this winter.

  4. Cute Bunnies..love the on in the plaid dress..

  5. Your bunnies are precious! Stay safe and warm! Always my pleasure to visit you here.


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