Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big Giveaway Big celebration

Yes I realize I am late announcing a winner for my blog giveaway
please be patient with me, I have not felt much like posting

It will be a couple of days and I will get it all straight
in the mean time.
Many of you know I started an Etsy selling team 
Today is their second Birthday as a team with many
of the members coming from a previous team I had

so we are celebrating you can view our celebrations listings

I have had customers contact me to see if I was going to list
items, since I can not get up long enough to take pictures etc
it will be a few days before I post any items for sell

But there are some wonderful listings offered so be sure to shop
*note it says Jan 22nd but that is because it was an edited updated post*

you will find there the participating shop links and several have
coupon codes for great savings in their shops
you will find those under their shop banners on the blog post

Aso today's blog post for Folkart and Primitives

so be sure to visit and sign up for a chance to win
there are 23 wonderful prizes

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