Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last day to sign up for week two A new giveaway tomorrow for week three

Sign up closes at midnight tonight for 
Week two giveaway 

I will be adding a new giveaway for week three
and announcing week two's winner tomorrow

Added a New snowman to my 

As some of you know almost two years ago I started
an etsy team called Folkart and Primitives
We have kick started Cyber week 
with a celebration on etsy

This celebration will involve a coupon for a week 
after it is over. I am doing mine a bit different

all of my customers this week, I forgot to include the coupon
most are not including it until December 1st
But for this weeks customers and from now until Christmas
I will include the coupon in my packages for everyone to use
starting right away !!!
for those that have made purchases this week
I will contact you and notify you of the amount and the
code to use on Etsy 

I am thinking of taking off from Jan. 1st to the 15th
Have not made up my mind on that yet !!
so you may get to start using it earlier :) 
I am itching to make Bunnies

I will not reveal the amount on the coupon 
it will be a set amount, more then what I normally offer my
repeat customers. But I am adding a twist to it

Everyone that has purchased from me this week until the end of 
the year will be in a drawing
The winner of that drawing will get a SPECIAL coupon
for a larger percentage off 

This has been a wonderful year for me
my friends that share my work 
and my customers have made that possible

I am truly Blessed to be able to work from home
Doing what I love to do !!


  1. Always love seeing your new pieces, hopefully I will find some time to make things for me, this year;)


  2. please enter me in for the giveaway. :)

  3. I just love your work. Thank you for the chance to win!


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