Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easter *big Grin* Wow

Good Morning on this not so Warm Morning

I am trying to get my chickens to understand that the clock 
has changed I do not want to do the 7 AM feeding LOL

It is Cold and only going to get colder
So with Shelby and Rango sitting in their window throwing 
a fit at a Squirrel I thought ok I will go feed 
the chickens and the Cat

my first three chickens that the wild dogs got in the spring time
these three were consistent with laying eggs everyday

My youngins, Ellie and Gidget,
these gals have really filled out and grown
they should of started laying around the end of October
with the cold coming in I figured I was not going to get any eggs
or not MANY

The old White one her name is Granny
or Chicken soup as Hubby calls her because she
has yet to lay eggs, we figured she was just old 
The Black one her name is Mammy 
she laid from day one every day 
and about three weeks or so ago decided she wanted to
nest !!! And let me tell you she is MOODY !!
So we have been eggless or so I thought??

I go out there in the cold open their coop to let them out
and by their ramp is a little brown egg
I got so excited to think I had another hen laying!!
*point in having Chickens LOL*
Well for three days now
The old gal has been hiding up in a corner I can not reach
in the nest! I have to pull her out to get her to get a drink and eat
and she would go right back to the nest!!

I had a hard time getting hold of her this morning and up under
her straw I see the top of an egg, as I pulled on her I see another
one OMG !!!! I am cramming eggs in my coat pockets SMILE

most I am sure are not good I will do the test on them
But apparently we have layers again YAY !!!!
I see a Big Omelet dinner in my near future *SIGH*

sorry I am excited, and Hubby now has to go out in the cold
and put another door on that corner so I can get into it
without struggling to reach
And by the way I am sure Miss Mammy is going to 
be really put out with me now :o)

Shelby and Rango are because I did not let them out in time
to catch the squirrel LOL !!


  1. Wow That must be I'm sitting here eating a scrambled EGG with melted cheese on top....drinking my coffee.....TRUE STORY! HUGS!

  2. OMG I cant stop laughing at this. Poor hubby, Granny? and look at all that cholesterol !! LOLOL I wonder what they (chickens) are saying about you under their breath LOL

  3. 'Chicken soup.' Haha. Well, if they know what's good for them. They must have heard your husband talking. LOL The Daylight Saving Time going off meant that now instead of taking the dogs out at 7 in the morning, I have to take them out at 6. ACK. My one dog is blind and deaf, so it's not like I can open the door and send her out. She has to be led, on lead.

    I've so often thought about getting chickens. I know they would all become my pets and I probably couldn't eat a single one, no matter if they laid eggs or not. (Yes, this is a problem.)

  4. I can just see that! The chicken fighting you. Trying to stay on her nest. Guess she figured that after putting all the work into this she is keeping those eggs!

  5. Lucky you! There's nothing better than farm fresh eggs. The store-bought ones are even close. Lucky squirrel, gets to live another day. Have a good weekend Brenda.


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