Thursday, October 16, 2014

What a household of hormonal females this week

WHAT a title, did I get your attention

This is the only hen I have laying right now
OR WAS!!! 
She is broody *sigh* 
I just went and pushed her out of the nest to eat, I am
sure when I go back out she will be up there again
This has been going on all week long 
My two young ones should start laying by the end
of this month ........ the other one, hubby calls her 
Chicken soup *GRIN* cause she may be a meal 
*** just kidding, I love my chickens***

and Shelby and Rango are driving me a bit nutty
this week also, I guess with the cooler weather
every noise they hear bothers them, they come in
from outside all wound up and running everywhere

Even Sprout is Moody GEE!!

Me I am fine, well maybe not LOL, cause the Animals 
are driving me CRAZY

I have a brand new Giveaway 

And my blog giveaway that ends on Oct. 31st

Working, and yes for those waiting I am a bit late
on my blog sale, Too late :)

I will update my newsletter recipients about that later

I will leave you with a HAPPY FACE

Miss Lilly styling 

and her new experience with Jeans and socks on
apparently she does not like Winter clothing anymore
then I do, thus why I am still in my jammies this morning

Guess I have to get up from here and put clothes on UGH
Have to run boxes to the post office
Have a GREAT day


  1. LOLOLOL Hormonal females! I would fit right in!

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  3. Oh my goodness! I have a broody chickie girl named Frankie that I too pushed out of her nest to eat this morning! What's going on with these moody girls??? Happy Fall!

  4. Smile... Girls will be girls. Have a wonderful day Brenda! Amy

  5. Hi Brenda, what a sweetie pie, girlie girl... Always hormonal issues, yikes.Blessings Francine.

  6. Greeting! I'm Blog Hopping on to your site and wanted to extend a "Halloween Hello." Your work is very unique & I'm looking forward to reading all your updates. Adore your doggies, I'm into Bearded Collies now about 20 years. My current one is 3 yrs old & he's the best (of course, I say that about all
    my Beardies, past & current) and the love of my life! Happy Halloween & I look forward to seeing your new art creations!

  7. Dear little Lilly I'm sure she would rather crawl around with out any clothes on. Love your chooks.
    Hugs Kay

  8. Hi, Brenda I'm Yvonne over at Beth's Raggedy Attic Prims. I love your hens. I plan on having some next spring. I love that country life. Your blog and work is awesome, and Lilly is adorable in her styling, God Bless and have a great weekend.

  9. The happy face makes us all smile! Hope your Sunday is a good one! Hugs, Diane

  10. Good morning Ms Brenda. Just a short note that your creations and blog is a such an inspiration for me. I've always said "one of these days" I will teach myself to sew and I know it will take time but I will learn. I know I wont be able to sew as good as you and it's ok with me. You and your work inspire me, motivate me. I can't wait to see another of your creation.


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