Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Good sunny morning to you, well it is here

It does not feel like fall at all ! 
Bright sunny days and warm weather?

Seeing a slight change in the trees
Apparently fall will happen here with a bang?
As soon as we have a few cold nights 
it will change dramatically!
I went ahead and listed some new items in my

My plans always seem to go South,
think they flew by with the Geese this morning LOL

Making Halloween plans and attempting to 
complete some new elves, some smaller Special elves 

Thinking I may need to start working again 
after the rest of the household goes to bed!!

Still coping with my brooding Chicken *sigh*
I am really tired of pushing her moody rear out of the nest
so she will eat and get a drink of water?

It has put a damper on my Eggs !!
Used the last one last night to make Brownies at 8:30
YUP you heard me right, we had a sweet tooth sort of late!

Gee they were GOOD *SMILE*

Hope you have a wonderful day
back to my work table  


  1. Love all your new listings! I hope your chicken cooperates soon!!

  2. I like your Christmas creations.

  3. Love your goodies! Oh it's not warm here on Long Island! It's raining and chilly, and windy! Happy Fall! Maggie

  4. Love the new pieces, it is time to plan ahead, Christmas always sneaks up on me. We have up and down weather, cold and warmer, so makes it hard to adjust to it.


  5. Afternoon Friend
    Wow I love your new things.
    I may need to do some Christmas shopping soon.
    Your Granny Girl is beautiful too.
    Woolie Hugs

  6. Chilly and rainy here. Weekend is supposed to be wonderful fall weather. YaY off to check out your new creations. Brownies are good

  7. Evening Brenda, nice here still, hard to believe. Love your new goodies, so sweet, brownies are yummy. Blessings Francine.

  8. how did I NOT know you have a chicken? lol serious!

  9. So many wonderful Christmas creations you made ~ You sure have been busy!!!
    I've been kinda lazy around here ~ so much to do and not enough time!
    Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!!!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Love your santas and that adorable ginger person!

  11. I love the chubby gingerbread man!!!


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