Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let me light up your day

Good Morning, warning these photos are not pretty!!

This morning while doing my normal
start to everyday I go through my Kitchen and turn on every
light I have. Why yes I have horrible eyesight ~Sigh~

I am only 4 1/2 years overdue getting new glasses!!

PLEASE ignore my mess, as I am a little busy right now :)

My morning begins with me turning this light on over my 
computer, yes the picture was taken during the daylight hours
you see, even with light from the windows I have to have 
a lamp on!!

In this photo you see 4 lamps one on the top of the shelf
with that stained lampshade *oops wonder how that happened*
(staining tags and drying them on top of it LOL)
what you do not see in this photo is the overhead light on the
ceiling that burns two light bulbs GEESSHHHH
Again notice the daylight outside my window
you may think if I would unblock that window it would
help..........more then likely you are correct, but I can't spare
the space to do that

my lamps are not pretty, I pick them up at sales
They are a necessity for me to work! 

And on my counter I have this
which decided for the second time the past few days to fall 
down UGH!!! 
again what you do not see is the light over my stove to
the left of this *BIG GRIN*

I should own stock in light bulbs
I go through many, as you can imagine 
burning them all day long they go out fast

and with the new *expensive* ones that are
out, that cost has gone up 
And now I will explain this post

They claim these new bulbs last longer
~ALERT~ let me inform you they do NOT last longer :)
they just cost more money (smile)

I believe it is time for me to get my overdue new glasses
*I have put this off far too long*

I detest shopping for frames almost as much 
as I hate shopping for most anything!

And while out I believe I need to have hubby
invest in some style of light that will provide
me with better lighting options to work by
I think I need a room that is built out of windows 
to work in LOL, Nay I would still burn light bulbs!

AND AHHHHH.........here is Lilly :)

let me end by brightening up this post *PUN intended*
Because even with all these bulbs turned on you have to 
admit this is a pretty dull post this morning
just thought I would share a bit of my strange world with you
*give you a BIG laugh this morning*
And now with daylight breaking through outside my window
it is time to go use those bulbs and get my rear to work 

Have a Wonderful day


  1. I agree with you Brenda, those newer expensive bulbs don't last any longer than the old style! Farse!
    Have you tried the "daylight" bulbs? I have an overhead single tube fixture in my dungeon craft room and it does make a difference for me. No windows down there on my side of the basement that is. I also used a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's to get one of those special task lamps and I like it too, really helps.
    BUT.........I really think you need to just get those glasses my friend!!!
    Lilly would "brighten" anyones day :)

  2. Please have your vision checked. It is possible that you might have cataracts which can cause you to have every light on while you work. Hope you can get a checkup soon

  3. Cataracts make you feel like you are staring through Vaseline according to my hubby. Mine are slowly progressing. So many eye probs out there it is wise to have that checkup. I put in daylite florescent bulbs in my basement and it has been a God sent.

  4. Well ladies, let me inform you...my hubby works for an electric utility and they do want you to use the curly q florescent bulbs.......BUT what they dont tell you is that a lot of them have mercury in them. If they break, dont breathe over the dust and wear gloves handling them. As for us......we use the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs! Stocked up on the 100W bulbs a few years ago since they will stop making them soon.

    I think Ms Brenda needs to have that little sunshine of her life Lilly there to brighten up her house. :)

  5. Oh dear ..sending you hugs and love xx

  6. I hope you've had an en'lightening' day! heehee! You always have so many projects going...you're my hero! Hugs!

  7. A day in your life.....LOLOLOL! I have lights on everywhere in the house all day....drives Pete's nuts......and our electric bill....yikes! Ms Lilly is too adorable :)

  8. I'm new to following your Blog, and I must admit I love reading "a day in the life," lol. Light is a problem with me, too. I have an overhead light, a task light, and a table lamp in my craft room. And I'm in front of a window, so I do get natural light. Then, late in the afternoon I have to adjust the blinds because the sun comes straight into my eyes. Ugh....never satisfied! Oh....and by the way, Lilly is one of the most precious babies I've seen in a long time. :)


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