Thursday, September 18, 2014

I believe I have found what I Had Lost

Good Morning Friends

Why yes it has been almost a week since I posted

I keep putting it on my next day list of things to accomplish
and then again it keeps being one of the few items I do not
get done? But I am working on it *smile*

I reorganized my work areas last week, I still have much to do
but thought I best get busy!

I have not worked like this since last December and I believe
I have found myself again, Feeling Happy!!
Many items started these are just a few

A pile of items to stuff, this pile has grown since I 
took this picture 

And more to finish
Well actually some of these are done and others
have taken stage, front and center!!

I am finishing orders with puffy eyes, not from lack of sleep
but still hanging on to part of this cold, upper respiratory infection
And I am gearing up to add new items to my Etsy shop

And special items I will offer on my First blog sale on Oct. 1st
This blog is going to be by invitation only, so if you have not
signed up for my email list, send me a message here or on Facebook
with your email in it, be sure to add newsletter in your message

I have a new giveaway on My Facebook Page

and This months giveaway on my Blog Here

Had to make a mad trip to Wally World last night to 
pick up some Morning Glory, until my shipment of 
boxes arrive!! I looked at pumpkins last night and was so
disappointed, I am going to purchase some for Halloween
and save the stems to dry for next years creations
So come the first of October I am going to take a trip to
The Amish Farm and see if they have a pumpkin patch
*I need Butter and Cheese and other items anyways*
And I love to visit with them!!

Yes I am working and I am loving it!
Now I set back and wonder just why I have been lost all year
once something changes your routine it is difficult to get it back

But I am BACK !!! 

Have a wonderful day



  1. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling yourself again and making all of your beautiful creations...AND enjoying the process! Look how many people you make happy every time they get a package from you! Enjoy your morning my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Everything is looking just so sweet
    Hugs x

  3. Glad to hear all is good! Maggie

  4. Hi Brenda, you work so hard, your creations are always so wonderful and full of love. I would love to be on your mailing list.
    Hugs, Lecia

  5. What wonderful sneak peeks.
    So glad you are back..
    Woolie Hugs

  6. Brenda, I think I am on your mailing list...can you let me know??
    The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

  7. I love to see you so happy! That awesome! :)

    Hope your illness goes away for good ASAP.


  8. Whoops! Forgot to say I would also like to be on your newsletter. Please! :)

    snowpumpkin /AT/ gmail /DOT/ com
    (also on my profile)

  9. Hope your feeling better...some wonderful goodies I see. Janice

  10. I can see you are back with a renewed sense of creativity, love the new pieces.


  11. Hi Brenda! So nice to hear you upbeat and positive...and happy! So glad things are going your way. It's been such a LONG time since we've conversed. Here's hoping those wonderful fingers of yours continue to serve you and work to make your beautiful creations!
    God Bless you!!


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