Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Wednesday Walk Around the Yard

Good Afternoon
just looking at the calendar and thinking
Where has this month gone to? I can not believe
this year is almost over!

And isn't it Fall? my yard is not showing many signs of 
that just yet, I won't complain, I love the vibrant colors of Fall
But like my plants and green grass too *sigh*

A beautiful clear day outside looking over my 
little Red house

looking across the road at the thicket I see a hint of Red
I need to take a drive down to the lake and get some photos
there are trees around showing signs of Fall

I go outside the gate and Sprout always greets me
this is one of the little wild kitties we kept
She is not cooperative when it comes to getting her
picture taken

My girls are happy with the cooler Weather

When this plant puts on blooms you know that fall is
right around the corner, I am sure the first frost we get
will change it all

My huge Sweet potato Vine was almost gone and 
decided to put on new growth again

the Hanging Petunia is history that was on my deck
but where I removed dead flower heads 
  at and threw them over the side of the deck
I had volunteers peek through this year

I am almost ashamed to share these

Miss Shelby and Miss Rango both  need to visit the groomers

And Rango is not corrective either *smile*
her neck stays on swivel with every sound she hears

And there you have it Sprout says goodbye as 
I close the gate behind me

Hope you enjoyed my walk I took to feed my Chickens a treat

Another share

Miss Lilly Loves Oreo cookies
Mama said she put her in the sink and washed
her down with the sprayer LOL

and then into the walker while she prepared dinner
*Looks like Lilly wants more Oreo's* LOL

And the last share for the day my Sweet customers
have began to share Elf photos, it is that time of the year
to begin their Elf Capades 

And yesterday I purchased some Sweet Christmas fabric
from the Quilt shop

Hope you have had an enjoyable day today



  1. Such a nice walk! I noticed the colors changing today and it's been chilly. Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. Thank you, Brenda, I so enjoyed "our" walk.

  3. Miss lil Lilly is so sweet. Loved the walking tour. TFS, Janice

  4. love sprout,she is so pretty and Miss Lily is growing and so adorable.

  5. Enjoyed walking around with you and the pups are cute, no matter what;) Miss Lily is so cute and a hose down is the best way to clean up.


  6. Love the visit with you ... almost like being there! Very soft and calming. Wonderful post!

  7. Morning Brenda, oh I loved the walk, thank you. Such sweet furry kids you have and the wee one is adorable.Fall Blessings Francine.

  8. Enjoyed the tour and Lily is a sweetie! Oreos...yum...she knows a good thing when she sees it!


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