Friday, August 29, 2014

Morning Coffee and Rain

Good Morning

I Was so thrilled to hear the rain drops during the night and to awake 
to them still falling this morning, things were getting sort of parched outside,
and I have not been keeping up my chore at the end of the water hose 

I hear so many online, jumping for joy because it will 
soon be Fall! Oh I so love the beautiful Greens

(source pinterest)

I love the beautiful colors Fall brings, just not the bare trees
that winter claims !! I won't miss the Hot Temps we are having
It has been horribly HOT lately

but if there is one thing I can be sure of, this is not a view I want
to see out my window anytime near Soon !
Yes I become a grouchy person when it gets bitter Cold *sigh*
So in all I am hoping the month of September sort of decides
to take it's time passing by too quickly 

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Have a Wonderful Weekend


  1. Brenda, Our seasons here don't get as cold as you do. At the moment it is nearly Spring and beautiful. I like our winters, we only get about 13 deg.- 15 deg. so that is quite acceptable.
    Hugs Kay

  2. It's super hot here in Calif. Wish it would rain! I think it's rained 5 times since we've been here (over 1 yr now, sigh). If only the fall weather would last longer. It doesn't green up here until fall anyway! In the summer, everything is dry and brown and yellow. Drought colors. lol.

    Happy day to you ~Jessica

  3. We are blessed with beautiful Seasons,
    Woolie hugs

  4. We haven't gotten much rain either, mostly heat, but cool nights, which is nice. We have a hot week coming up and i am going to enjoy it and get some more paddling time in;)


  5. Love the pictures, raining here......Blessings Francine.


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