Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get em while you can

Good morning, get em while you can
No not the grasshoppers *sigh* they are thick
the heat has returned and yet again they are muchin on
all of my plants ! As I see it that is good Fish Bait *smile*

It is a beautiful morning, already warm and Humid
but I won't complain, I love fall but dread winter
so I will enjoy this summer Heat as long as I can

*photos by Lynn of Painting Thyme Needfuls *

Lynn has shared with so many friends and the results
are Awesome, Many of these guys have been made 
and many new ones will soon be done 

Get an Elf while you can, I have several of these
guys in the works for orders
*this is a vintage Polka Dot design*
Each gal names her Elf and shares photos with me

Or if you prefer to purchase him for full price 
let me know and I can add a custom listing for you

I will only be taking a few more layaway orders on him this year

I have been busy on orders for a few days now

It feels good to be back working full time again!
I should of taken a photo of them all finished 
I may of ? I have got to check my camera?
Making pumpkins today

Hope you are enjoying this day
I will post a new giveaway in the morning


  1. I love these elves SO much! Mine looks perfect in the lanai. I forgot what I named mine...oh no! I better try to figure it out. Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. We are getting a heat wave this week, so a good week to stay inside and create. Love how your pillow pieces look, great designs and aged look.


  3. I see some lovely crafting there! Do you have a place for online orders?


I really do enjoy your comments
Thank you so much