Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A walk outside with all the Girls

Good afternoon 

I Hope your day is going great

This year I opted for Purple scheme of hanging plants
I even have some other flowers planted in that color
I highly doubt they will produce flowers this year 
but maybe next year it will be a bit more colorful around here

I never put much thought into it but outside of Hubby 
we are a household of Females *Smile*

Like sprout the little wild kitty, she is full grown 
We took her to get her fixed, and to get her shots a few months ago
she is pretty tame
with hubby anyways, she will even let him hold her

With me she will come up to my leg and purr
I have never attempted to hold her, due to my allergies
But she is one sweet Cat !

With my other two Girls, Miss Shelby and Miss Rango
*otherwise known as the other humans that reside here* Smile
They are behind on grooming, I finally got them all well,
after Shelby came home from the vet hospital she came down
with kennel cough and Rango caught it as well

They will be going for a shot to prevent this next week
and then to the groomers!!
Yes they supposedly get that shot every year
*but I am not so sure they have?* since they both got it?

And Now we have some new girls at our home

Hubby said the roosting box was for Larry, Moe and Curly
Yep he is the one that named Shelby's Pup before she even had it

Thus the Name Rango for a little girl
She is looking up in the tree, we made our fenced in 
yard larger for them to have more room to run
so now the trees are inside instead of outside of their fence

and we feed the Squirrels 
Rango just wants so badly to play with one
she will stand there for as long as they will hang *sigh*
But she is so good she does not bark and carry on
she just whimpers because she wants to get closer to them

A close up of the Squirrel

My sweet Potato Vines
I just planted them a couple of weeks ago and they 
are already three times the size they were !!

and no post can end without the sweetest little Girl there is 

Miss Lilly 

It won't be long until Nana and Grandpa get to see her again !!

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  1. It is nice to outside again and enjoy gardening and the critters. I see the pups love being out too.


  2. Rango is way cuter than that squirrel! And little Miss Lilly looks like she's ready for the cute baby contest!

  3. Hi!!! Love Lily and her hat!!! Too cute!!!! I love your kitty!!! I had one just like her once upon a time!!! Your sweat potato vines are very pretty!!!!

  4. Morning Brenda, oh Miss. Lily is so sweet, love the hat. So nice to be outside and enjoy all the critters. Blessings Francine.

  5. Your fence looks lovely and looks like the "girls" are enjoying their trees! And loved Lily's headband! :0D
    She is so cute!! Have a great day today..

  6. Oh, how nice that you get to plant already! I'm in Vermont....really don't DARE plant anything here yet. I may get some things started in the house though. They need a bit of a headstart with such a short growing season. Your yard looks beautiful...absolutely LOVE your pups & kitty!

  7. Miss Lily sure is adorable.
    Glad to hear Shelby is doing better.
    Such sweet animals you have.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Brenda!


  8. oh pretty purple petunias,babies and other goodies..hope your week is wonderful(:)

  9. hi Brenda, gardening has put me a bit behind with my blog friends. So just coming by to say hello and tell you I love all your girls, especially that Miss Lilly. Your giveaways are darling too!


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