Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeling Loved, and blessed & Winners announced

Good Afternoon friends
Wow what a wild day of weather we had yesterday

As I know many others did also
Hope you are safe and warm

Sorry I am late in announcing the February Blog Giveaway

One set of Rabbit Bowl Fillers will go to 

and another set will go to 

congrats on winning and thank you to all who signed up

I have reopened my Etsy shop
I have to figure out how to adjust to a schedule to 
still work and I think I have it figured out !!
I am wrapping up the final orders I have now
And sending out some elves too :o)

I think Daddy is just head over heels in Love with Lilly 
this just warms my heart, he is so amazing with her

Today is the first time I have not gone in to visit with
mom, due to the ice on the roads
And I have to confess I laid back and napped this morning
in my recliner? I think I was just worn out *sigh*

Saturday was beautiful here in the 70's
My son was bringing his little family down 
but last I heard on Friday they cancelled due to the 
weather predictions for Sunday
But low and behold Saturday after I came home 
from spending the morning with mom, he called
and they were almost to her place so I turned around
What a Wonderful surprise, she was so shocked and 
thrilled to meet Little Lilly 

The visit was short but they had a special event to 
attend Saturday evening, So needless to say I spent 
Sunday pacing the floor knowing they were traveling 
on ice back home, they made it safely Thank the Lord
it was a long stressful trip for them

And now I want to brag just a little, as many of you know
a year ago I started an etsy selling team
And let me tell you these gals are amazing
knowing that I had been going through some rough times
having to cancel so many orders 
*I still apologize to all the many customersthat I had to cancel on* 
and I almost opted to 
give up my business, wondering how I would juggle it 
and caring for mom too
The team members rallied together have sent me so many
wonderful sweet cards and gifts

This is only part of them, I thank you FAAP members
for being the greatest team there is, so supportive of 
each other and always so helpful and considerate!
I am so proud to be on this team
I even got gifts for Lilly

I will be adding a new giveaway for March sometime
this evening so jump back over to see what 
I will offer next

Now I have an afternoon date with a box of chocolates
Charlotte I hope your friend found help to get to safety 
last night, thank you for helping me gain some of the 
pounds back I have been loosing *Sigh*

Thank you to all for the wonderful comments and
messages, love my followers
Have a Wonderful Day
Spring will be here soon


  1. Congrats to the winners.....oh baby is so adorable.......yummy chocolates, always make one feel better, Blessings Francine.

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    Thanks for always hosting such wonderful Giveaways!
    Lily is adorable!


  3. I love the picture of your Mom with Lilly and Jerry! Very special.
    You do so much for everyone I'm glad that it was your turn to receive!

  4. Congratulations the the winners!
    Lily is so precious and it is wonderful to see our sons become fathers.


  5. congrats to your winners!
    how great they got to visit with your Mom, wonderful photos! hope you enjoyed your whitman's! rest as you can, you need a break when you can sneak it in! hugs! happy your friends are being so good to you!

  6. Hi!!!! Oh he is a good daddy!!! Sweet baby!!!! Congrats on such a little cutie!!!! Hope things get better with your Mom!!!! Congrats to the winners of the little bunnies...they sure are cute too!!!! Sending hugs

  7. Congrats to your winners, Brenda! That is the sweetest picture! Hope you can find some time for yourself.

  8. Hi Brenda, I am thrilled to find out I a winner of your wonderful bunny ornies. I love them! And your little Lilly is such a sweetheart. I am so glad that you mom got to see her!
    And so sweet of the etsy girls to send you so many beautiful cards and other goodies, you truly are loved!
    You have such a big heart and everyone loves you and knows that. Hugs, Lecia

  9. I can't believe that I am a winner of those wonderful bunnies. I am so excited. Thank you so much.
    Your little baby girl is precious.
    So sweet of your son to brave the weather so he could introduce his little baby to her (great?) grandmother. I love seeing my sons with their children.
    Thank you again.

  10. Congrats to the Lucky Winners!!!
    Thanks again Brenda for taking time out of your busy schedule to host another wonderful giveaway!!!
    Such a sweet picture of your son with his sweet Lily. So glad he made the trip to introduce her to Great Grandma ~ such fond memories!
    Don't forget to take a break when you need it.
    Take Care.
    Prim Blessings

  11. How wonderful for you.
    Lily is such a little blessing to your family.
    Woolie Blessings to you

  12. Congrats to the winners! Your mom looks happy in the pic with little Lilly. I know what it's like to care for parents - it's a blessing but it does take your time and energy. Never stop creating - you are so gifted! ~*~Lisa

  13. When one door closes another one opens :)

    I think the photos of sweet little Lily and her family would make a great quilt!!

    OMG, my dad used to get a box of Whitman chocolate every Christmas . . . so many memories . . .


  14. You are so very loved, sweet Brenda! It's fun to see your family pics and congrats to your winners, too. Sending you some extra hugs!

  15. WHOOHOO!!! To Lecia and the other gal.. Oops I forgot her name... bad OLM... Oh Lily is oh so adorable!!! Enjoy! OLM

  16. Lilly is so beautiful and she has a very loving daddy!
    Congrats to February winners!!!
    Thanks for a wonderful giveawy you are hosting.


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