Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winner of January giveaway

Good Saturday morning everyone

Yes I have yet again been lost in life *sigh*

Thank you all who signed up for my giveaway in January

I have been so behind but I am slowly catching up
I want to thank everyone who has been patient with me

The winner of one of my Coverlet Rabbits is

congrats Marsha I will send you an email today 
to get your address

Look at the Stitched Pillow I got from
The detail she does on stitching is wonderful!!

where Have I been?? SICK!! My hubby brought in a Horrible
Nasty, Mean Cold he caught at work
I was so proud this year that I had been extra careful 
not to catch junk, I had a stomach bug for a few days but
it was not a bad one, just annoying!!
But this STUFF...........let me tell you, if you have not had it
you DO NOT want it!!!
mine has settled in my chest and is now an upper respiratory thing!
But I shall survive, and when I get over it......I shall HIDE
from the outside world *smile* 

I actually have orders so close to the last finishing touches
When I try to work it only takes about 30 minutes for me to 
wear myself down *frown*
Yep that is a new word for me to place on my blog a FROWN

I even have new rabbits everywhere and some hearts
done out of coverlet's also. Just have not felt like getting
them posted!!

Update on my Mother, well she is doing better then I am
right now, and hanging in there, God love her Heart
She has been wanting to get her Follow up appointment
done with her Surgeon and get moved and on the path to 
totally recovering and then wouldn't you know it!!!


Now most of you will look at these temps and thank 
Lucky you Brenda, yes the temps are wonderful
** well better then the teens!!! Not warm enough by a long shot**
but with the chance of weather coming in we now will
not be able to travel to get to her surgeon's office

*NOTE* have you ever seen that before
Look at Saturday on that forcast
Hmmm strange huh!!! The high is going to be
lower then the overnight low???
They have changed this up now and are saying
more will come in this evening then expected!!

I am so OVER winter, How about you?? 

I am ready for flowers and Sunshine
And Green green grass, and Humming birds

Ok even little critters that awake and come out *SMILE*

Shelby and Rango are ready too
I endured sitting in my pickup for 3 1/2 hours yesterday
to get them to the groomers, oh my word yes you heard right
I even by passed the quilt shop I go to
*due to feeling rotten bad*
So now my fur babies are going to NOT like me
the next few days, since they are NAKED :o) 
and they will Freeze their little bottoms off 

But they had been neglected since before Christmas
Poor Babies
Stay tuned I will post a Giveaway for February and
pictures of the pups on my next post
Have a Wonderful weekend friends


  1. congrats Marsha!
    hope you feel better Brenda.
    glad at least it is warming some!

  2. I hope the weather doesn't come your way so your mom can get done with her appointment. I have had that happen here, usually when I cold front goes by and a warm one comes in.


  3. My hubby was also 'nice' enough to share the crud with me - not fun, huh?

  4. Sorry you're not up to PAR..I prefer winter to the heat of summer..Cute bunnies as always..

  5. Congrats to the winner of your wonderful giveaway..... Love the heart pillow, so pretty......Hope you feel better soon, Blessings Francine.

  6. Congrats to Marsha! I love her! You are so kind to offer giveaways.. Have a great day!

  7. Hi!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! It hit 57 here today but was -5 on this past Tuesday... Crazy weather!!!! Expecting thunder storms tonight but not a drop yet!!!! I had to take my grandson to the ER today...he was feeling bad...but what worried me was his legs were hurting so bad he wanted to be carried...he is six and he hasn't sat down since he could get up!!! Kinda glad it is just the flu....scared me!!!! Hope your Mom gets back in soon!!!! hugs

  8. Conrats to Marsha on a great win! Gosh, sick again Brenda, you poor thing! Hope you are better SOON!!! ~*~Lisa

  9. Just got home from a drive in the country and saw your email! Perfect way to end a nice day! I emailed you :). Thank you so much!

    So sorry to hear you got a nasty bug. Take care of yourself. The flu is nasty this year. I broke down and got a flu shot last week.

    So,happy to hear your mom is improving each day.


  10. Love your little bunnies Brenda. Glad your Mom is doing better and hope you get well real soon.

    Yes much as I don't like hot weather I too am ready for warmer weather snakes. I hate snakes.

  11. Congratulations Marsha! You will LoVe your prize. Brenda does a gorgeous job of making these prim bunnies. I won last year:)
    I hope you are on the mend, Brenda.
    Have a great week!


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