Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meeting Miss Lilly

Good Afternoon everyone
Gee yes I have been a tad bit busy lately
sorry I  have not posted for awhile

We finally got to drive up and meet Miss Lilly
It was a long ride but so worth it, I just wish we could
of stayed longer!!

I am so in love

The bottom of this post may be something you want 
to just avoid reading, cause really I am just to my last
bitter straw these days, but note for the one this is
intended to are not bothering me,
you are only proving you are exactly like
everyone says you are!!!!!!
Including your friends????????
I laugh at your ignorance 

I feel sorry for you that you claim your grandchild
is not yours because she belongs to the step kids you
bitch about all the time!!!

and now for my not so pleasant part of this post
I know you read this I can see every time you
visit my blog, I pay for that every month!
And by the way the other one I can see you too!!

I am so glad I am not too busy in my own 
self absorbed world that I can do what all I have
been doing lately!! I am over you and you know who you
are I will go back to the pleasant way of life 
when I had nothing to do with you!!!
And I am thankful for a non selfish husband that worked
56 hours this last week, but was not too busy to 
do what he did this weekend!! After you knew
we had everything, then you offer to go up and help!

You are a pathetic excuse for a person, but you will
pay for that someday sure hope you never get sick again?
I would walk through life scared to death to know
God had given me so many chances and I still
could not live right!! It would help if you did not lie
to your own husband about things to blame him
for getting mad about coming home early to take care
of mom, I know better, he is a kinder person then that
I pray for him for having to live with you!!
NOW LEAVE me alone!!!!

Sorry to all of my friends and other family members
but I am so over this person, she is SICK!
She started crap between my niece and other sister
by sharing something that was none of her business on facebook
yes I was online, Yes I seen what happened
But when you shared you could not even share it right
you lied about that too? HOW sad!!


  1. She is so adorable and so nice that you finally got to meet her in person. As for the other part, that sounds like how my life is with some people, I totally understand;)


  2. Awwwwww no wonder you are in love Brenda. Lilly is just so precious

  3. Such a sweetie, glad you got to make the trip. Sorry about your troubles. Sometimes it's better to get it out and move on. Been there. Warm Blessings! Amy

  4. Hi Brenda, what a sweetie pie, precious....Sorry to hear about the troubles, Blessings Francine.

  5. Just so tickled for you that you got to hold that sweet baby after waiting so long!
    Take a deep breath and now that you've let her know how you feel, just move forward. Its her loss and will have to be accountable to the one that matters one day!
    I hope you feel better having that off your chest.
    You are a wonderful, loving person who helps so many.
    Love ya~

  6. Oh, the baby is so cute. It is so good that you finally got to hold her. Folks on FaceBook sometimes get to out of line. This is why I rarely get on there. The main reason I even keep my account open is to see photos of my granddaughter, who lives many miles away. Just too much drama the things that some of the people start on social networks. I pray that the person you mentioned will finally leave you alone :)

  7. Awe! Little Miss Lily is precious! What a little darling. Lucky you!

  8. Lily is adorable!I am so happy that you were able to go for a visit.So sorry for the things you are dealing with my friend.Big hugs and God bless you.Jen

  9. Lily is so lovely! I can see why you are in love!
    Praying for your situation!
    Be blessed,

  10. Miss Lily is so incredibly sweet! I am so glad you got to make the trip and spend some time loving her. I am so sorry for the pain and DRAMA your family causses you....I KNOW it well....I live it each and every day with my family. Stay strong <3

  11. Lily is a little cutie, so glad you finally got to meet her.

  12. Hi Brenda, I have always wanted to see you, wish I could see you better, but you are as beautiful as I thought you would be. And that little sweet Lilly what a doll, she is so precious! So glad you got to see her. Sorry about the turmoil that is going on in your life. Hugs, Lecia

  13. Oh, my, your granddaughter is just so beautiful!!!

    Drama . . . who needs it?!?!? My word for this year is letting-go . . . . whenever I find myself getting caught up in something I say let-go!!!


  14. Welcome to the world Miss Lily...
    Your granddaughter is beautiful. What a joy it must be to have a grandchild.
    Tricia XO

  15. Brenda ~your granddaughter is just beautiful!
    sending hugs your way.

  16. Oh my goodness!!! Lilly is just too precious :-) I'll bet you just loved snuggling her :-) Congratulations!!!

    I am sorry about the other part of your post, I can relate.. I have had a couple of people in my life like that and it's always harder when it's family.. You have to let go and move on (which is really hard to do sometimes).. I am sorry you are going through something like this, I know how draining it can be.. I hope that things get better soon :-)

    Sending BIG HUGS to you!! Hugs~Melissa

  17. Precious,darling baby Lilly! It is so sweet to see you two together. I wish the distance between you was less. I know what it's like to have them within driving distance but yet far enough away that it eats up a whole day.
    As for the rotten people that got close enough to hurt you, You have wasted enough time on them. Let it go. It is what it is and you can't make them into any better. They will never change and you shouldn't allow them to bring you down to their level. You've said your piece. They know they are 'bothering' you. Now, in my opinion, you should shut them out completely. Ignore everything they do or say or even think of. You are better than this. I know this is the only way to stop such crap. I recall you helping me through such a period and I hope that by returning the advice you can achieve some peace.
    Sending big, comforting hugs to you!

  18. She's a beautiful little doll. I hope you get to see her often, if not in person, then online photos. So you can watch her grow :)

  19. Grandmothers, what a blessing we are given. A precious little life to hold once more in our loving arms, all the while taking us back to the day when we first set eyes on our sweet babe's face. I don't think there is a better gift from above.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.... Connie

  20. Lilly is a beautiful little girl. So precious.

  21. Such a precious bundle of joy!!!
    So glad you got to make the trip to see her!
    Prim Blessings


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