Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking down an online Memory Lane

Good Morning
So with little sleep last night 
Coffee in hand this morning I decide to go on a
Walk down memory lane

An online Walk by visiting Picassa Web Albums
This is where all of your photos from your blog posts 
are stored at online

In August of 2009 I started this blog
And this is where we were living
Now you may find this funny, but sometimes I 
really miss that Travel Trailer *sigh*

Looking back at so many creations I shared
on my blog

What triggered this? Well gazing out this window
At the ever so green grass?? 
And bundled up in my robe with a cup of coffee
Yes I am having Season shock LOL
As most have made all of their fall purchases for the year

It is that time when we create for the next season
We should be thinking Christmas right???? 

Santa's and Snowmen Those White Fellows
Guess it must be the chill in the air, I don't want it to get COLD

OH I love creating for Christmas
Snowmen are my favorite

Yes I have been busy
and I have to admit I do love pulling out things
and putting up a Tree

This is a New one for me, I have several started
In fact I have some American ones that are going 
to be so Sweet

But wait I am having a Problem
a real issue with the season's ?
For some reason I would rather jump right back
into Spring *Sigh*

A real blast from the past I have not done many roosters this year

And more then anything I love creating Rabbits

and I have so many ideas running through my head 
for Patriotic items this year

Ok maybe I arose on the wrong side of the bed this morning
Maybe I should go back and close my eyes and count some............

Just a silly little post to let you know I am still around
No I am not confused I know it is Fall
*And Winter is right behind it*

Have a wonderful day


  1. Travel trailers are a lot of fun.

    I love the rabbit too!

    It finally cooled here, so I am happy. But I don't like the cold, so if I lived where it was cold I would like to skip winter and celebrate spring.

  2. I have seen all your new creations on facebook, you have been busy and love what you have been doing. I am trying some simple stenciled pillows today.


  3. I love your trip down memory lane..........I'm thinking I need one of those Uncle Sam dolls too! I love having Americana items around my home so he would be very welcome.
    Loving the fall temps and sunshine, looking forward to the holidays but not the freezing weather that comes with it.
    Have a great!

  4. Hi Brenda, there is nothing wrong with living in a travel trailer. You made it a lovely home. I have enjoyed your walk down memory lane and love all of your creations. You are truly blessed with awesome talent. hugs, Lecia

  5. It's always good to take a trip down memory lane.

    Now how do I find my Picasa Album. I wasn't aware I had one. I know dumb ?


  6. What a lovely trip down memory lane. It's fun to do that. I love all of your creations, but that rabbit is just about my favorite :)

  7. I love Fall...Really dislike summer so I'm not wishing for spring..Love that rabbit and the tall, white snowman..

  8. I enjoyed seeing your oldies photos, that little pumpkin girl is what started me looking at your work in the first place!

  9. I have so many of those on my Christmas tree every year.. Thx for your art

  10. oh my! I wonderful trip down memory lane!!! I didn't know our pictures where stored there.... so much after all this time I don't know... OLM


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