Monday, July 1, 2013

Lost and looking for inspiration

Good Morning world
What sad news of the firefighters that lost their lives
my heart aches for their families
There is just too much heartache recently in this old world
Making me realize my problems are all so small!
I was going to come on and explain where I have been
and maybe pour my heart a little
I am blessed beyond measure and nobody will take that away
from me. Today my thoughts will be on those that have
experienced a loss like none other in life, and I will again go thru
this day thanking the Lord for my blessings, instead of whining about them
so instead I will attempt to work today and deal with my pain
physically and mentally *SMILE*


  1. I almost cried this morning over this news. My husband is a volunteer firefighter. He doesn't go into fires like these guys did but it still brings to mind how dangers exist. God bless their families and bring them peace...

  2. Your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

    I felt pain in my heart when I heard of this tragic loss of life this morning. There are no words. Just prayers.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I feel much the same way kiddo...I feel like my hurts and pain are NOTHING compared to what happened yesterday and the other tragedies that have taken place.
    Kind of puts you in a humble state doesn't it.

    thanks for the sweet message...but dear friend...when WE HURT...darn it we hurt and it's always nice to have someone sending good wishes and prayers and I'm doing that for you right along with those families.

    Blessings on this 4th holiday

  4. Just when we think we have it so bad in our own lives, a tragedy happens and we are thankful our woes are not so bad after all.
    Well wishes to you for your pain. Hope it is better soon.

  5. My heart. Was breaking upon about the brave firefighters, so sad......words of wisdom my friend, Francine.

  6. Tragic loss...hope your pain is not so bad, its awful to have to hurt all the time, my poor mother did.

  7. We heard about this very sad, sad news yesterday. My hear goes out to the loved ones who will not see their partner, or son come home.
    I do hope the fire gets put out soon.

  8. It does hit close to home. My DH is a retired Battalion Chief. He was a firefighter for 29 years. It was a sad day here as well. Prayers for all the families from Texas.

  9. Je pense très fort à toutes ces familles. Que dire devant tant de souffrances ? Je ne peux que partager leurs peines.
    Tu as bien raison Brenda, qu'est ce que nos petits tracas face à cela...

  10. Hi Brenda, such a tragic loss, some things in life I will never understand. I am sorry for what you have been going through, I hope you start feeling better, bunches of hugs my friend. Lecia

  11. I like what Karen wrote. Don't feel bad for needing to vent once in awhile. It saddens me too all the tragedies going on in the world. We have to keep our faith and hopes up.
    Feel better quick my friend. You can do this!
    Hugs & prayers,

  12. Hugs to you Brenda. We are so blessed aren't we.


  13. My heart is breaking for the families and friends of these brave firefighters. It truly takes a brave person to do that job and I'm sorry I don't always remember that. ~Roberta

  14. This was such a tragedy! My heart goes out to the families of these men, Valerie


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