Saturday, July 6, 2013

I think I need a kick in the back side ~SIGH~

Wow, I have taken far too much time off work
I seem to get up every morning and think this is the day
I will start creating again
*and by the way I did finally manage to get an elf shipped today*
how I wish I would of taken a photo
he was dressed in deep Christmas reds and turned out so sweet
My postal carrier has only been here two days this week
*I think she is missing the daily routine of picking up boxes at my house*
I plop myself down at my work table, and look at all of the many things I have
started, and somehow can not get myself in gear again?
So I start a Load of Laundry or go about regular day time chores
Come take a seat again and just can not seem to find my lost desire to
make something, oh the desire is there, but the energy
is a little misplaced ~Or just LOST~
Now is the time I should be turning out fall items
everyday? I have got to get busy
I have had several contact me to see when and if I am going to list
more items to sell, other then just my printed pillow tucks
I am..........I WILL...........I have to!

I keep telling Shelby and Rango this weekend will be over soon
It has been rough on them and the firework stands just marked their
remaining fireworks down so yes it will be loud again tonight *SIGH*


  1. I bet your elf was so cute! Darn those firecrackers.

  2. I always slow down in the summer and it is too darn hot to do things on my lap.


  3. Sometimes you need a break. I have been pushing myself - 30 projects in 30 days starting with my first day of retirement. The challenge is up tomorrow and I am done a day early. But, I am going to take a little time off from creating and just play in the garden or on the beach.

    So, since I am done with creating for the time being, "whoosh". That was me sending you my creative mojo so you can get your "fall" going.

  4. Lol! Yes these hot summer days tend to make me slow down also. This arm cast is getting so old and uncomfortable. 'Hope to get it off soon. I love your elves! Are you going to make some more to sell this year?

  5. Know how you feel Brenda. I've lost the desire to create too, somewhere along the ling.

    Hope you recover your's, me don't know if I will....

  6. Hello Brenda... You know you have been doing so much lately for everyone else, sometimes we just "need" to take some "me" time. Do something special for yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure or read a good book. Maybe your creative self will be stronger than ever. Its worth a try. By the way... You do beautiful hand work... Thanks and have a great week-end...Marg :)

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like you. I am so behind in my fall crafts. Here's hoping that we both get back in a creative mood very soon!

    Take care

  8. I think it must be the heat.. I know it slows me down.. You will pick up soon I am sure...
    Shelby and Rango are so adorable, so much like my departed Niles.. I miss him so.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow and take it easy when the heat is on.

  9. Oh dear..and it is so cold here in South Africa ..
    Sending you lots of love x

  10. Morning Brenda, it is ok to slow it down in these lazy days of summer......I have the same with my fur baby, scared stiff of fire works.....Blessings Francine.

  11. Brenda, I just went through about a six month slump--it happens! You are very talented and I know your desire to create will return. Our Sheltie used to hate this time of year. If we were on a walk she heard firecrackers she would sit down on the sidewalk and refuse to move. She was a little big to carry so that wasn't fun. Hope the noise ends soon! ~Roberta

  12. Not a big fan of the loud fireworks either, and our neighbors like to shoot off guns, which I hate. Hope they are done soon for you & the furbabies. I traced some patterns on my porch yesterday. When you have to sew for a deadline or quota I think it takes a bit of fun out of it? Wishing you tons of peace & mojo! ~*~Lisa

  13. I know how you feel Brenda, I am sitting here now and would rather go back to bed than start the work I need to do. Hope the babies are okay, my pups hate the fireworks, which was last weekend here, too.

  14. Oh Lord, we've had folks contacting us too. Ugh, I'm just waiting for Tim to get back in the groove. It's a big change to quit taking orders. Give yourself some time. I'm sure folks will keep you in their favorites for when you get back to it. You're that good girl!
    My poor kitty kats don't like the loud noises those firecrackers make either. Hercules heads under the blanket... lol.


  15. I think I nee a kick too. I hardly ever post on my blog anymore and I've really cut back on my stitching. Hopefully we will both get back in the swing of things soon, but in the mean time try to enjoy the quiet time and do something special for yourself. :)

  16. Sometimes a little break can lead to a huge landslide of lost mojo. It's your mind telling you time for a change for a bit. It Always comes back though after a while. As for me, my break has lasted a lot longer than I expected:) Good luck. -Steph-

  17. I am not a fan of summer. Heat, humidity and too much outside work saps my creative strength. I find that the best thing for me to do is walk away, don't worry about it and let go of the pressure of having to make something.
    I keep a journal where I write or sketch about things I want to make or an idea for a new project.
    Before you know it I am back in the studio, excited to start a new project.
    So if you are stuck - take a walk, read a book, do something special just for you and before you know it, your mo-jo will be working!!

  18. Hello Brenda...How are you doing. I have been thinking about you all week. Take care..Marg

  19. This happens to all of us Brenda, I have been going through this for the past several months, I try but mostly it is a no go. I think we go through dry spells where we just need to focus on other things until the creative mojo comes back. I am still waiting for mine, I feel like I am letting myself and customers down. I see in your other post you are creating again, that is good, I hope you get into full swing soon and I hope that for myself as well before everyone thinks I took a permanent hike! I wish you lots of luck!...Jody


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