Thursday, March 7, 2013

You're a redneck crafter if.....

Are you a Redneck crafter
now it is pretty darn sad if I could write a book on this topic *SMILE*
While making this list my mind just kept going with new things to add
but I am rushing around to get my work started for the day
so if you have one you can think of do add it in your comment

If you create creatures to have as pets.......

If you find yourself saluting the flag attached to your creations...............

if you are actually so messed up with the seasons that you are doing
things out of season..........

I mean REALLY..........maybe that is why time seems to fly at my house?
No I do not need the men with the funny white coats to come visit me
I was just playing not share with anyone
that this is for REAL my LIFE in a nutshell !!!!


And you really should Visit this blog and sign up
you may just be a winner of several prizes if you do
Ok back to my whacky world, I have rabbits on my table
and they are wanting me to finish their carrots so they can
eat some breakfast *GRIN*
And this gal has eaten too many carrots
she is one fat rabbit and READY to go to a new home
so maybe she won't be overfed anymore
I hope this post does not  make you think any less of me *SMILE*
Oh I need a life??
Have a Great day


  1. Thanks for sharing Brenda, you make me feel so not alone! LMBO! So TRUE!
    You might be a redneck crafter if the telephone messages you give to your boss have doodles of bunnies and pumpkins! ~*~Lisa

  2. I think you are perfectly normal Brenda,seems like my life is the one messed up.


  3. Hmmm, well Brenda I am guilty of a few so guess I am in the same boat with you my friend. Funny, cute post. Thanks for the smile. And I love all your creations. Sure wish I had your energy. Have a blessed day.

  4. Hi!!!! Hee hee!!! That is too cute and I guess I am a redneck!!!

  5. Great list Brenda.
    Here are a few more to add:
    1. There's more fabric in your house than food.
    2. You don't think there's anything strange about Christmas fabrics on sale in June.
    3. You hire someone to clean your house, so cleaning won't interfere with your crafting!
    4. You set up an area in the living room to sew, so that you can see your family once in a while.
    5. You shop the thrift stores for your clothes, but don't give a second thought to spending $50+ on craft supplies.
    6. You have tried to (or at least thought of) using cat hair to stuff a pillow.


  6. I won't admit how many of those, pertain to me, lol.
    I love the new kitty, you seem to add your own touches to the patterns and make them better, I tend to mess them up.


  7. I think you have a VERY good life! I wish the things I make were in demand like your creations! You are my hero...and sweet friend! Hugs!

  8. Let's see.... "You might be a redneck crafter if your neighbors drop their broken things off on your porch rather than throwing them away to save you the trouble of digging through the trash"??? Or, "You might be a redneck crafter if you have actually tried to felt snow dog hair"??? know what you've done now....right? These will be going through my head ALL NIGHT LONG! ;o)

    Hey Girlfriend!! Long time, no visit...I'm so sorry....Life just got away from me. It still isn't under control by any means, but gradually, I am trying to get back where I want to be. Look like I picked a good day to visit...finding you in true form and making me smile. Your bunnies are just too stiking adorable!! Eeeeekk..... I've got a mad kind of bunny love going on. Hope all is well with you and you forgive my wayward're never far in thought.... Smiles & Redneck Hugs ~ Robin

  9. LOL, yep, I'm definitely a Redneck Crafter... I have a rolling cart loaded with STUFF so no matter what room I go to either the den or the LR, I got my STUFF with me.

    Adding to the list:
    If you constantly have burned fingers, not from cooking, but from the HOT GLUE GUN and have hot glue gobs on the furniture

  10. Country girl from the get go here. Just found your blog and I love your style!

  11. Another to add to the list.
    You have sequins and tiny beads everywhere in your house, including in your bed, your shoes and your navel. A cashier at the supermarket even told my husband how handsome he was looking. He was pleased until I pointed out to him that he had sequins and glitter in his hair and beard.I know I should have told him before we went out,

  12. OMG! You have me pegged! and I thought I was the only have helped build my confidence...Thanks!

  13. Hey Brenda; LOL @ your List!!!
    I have one for you. I am Ashamed to say that it is true for me!!! Your Beautiful Diningroom Table is covered in Crafts, in all stages and is not used often for Dining at!!!! And one more. Your once stunning China Cabinet is now housing more than Antiques and Dishes!!!! It is Home Sweet Home to a stray hot glue gun, and assorted Crafts!!!


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