Monday, February 11, 2013

My wish This Week

Good Morning 

My wish this week is not for Roses, Candy, or gifts 
I just want to skip the next couple of days and move right 
on to Valentine's day

I suppose I spoke far too soon about having lovely weather
Seems tomorrow morning we are predicted to wake up to 
some of that YUCKY White stuff *REALLY*

of course we can handle it, since it won't be but a couple of inches
or so they say? I have flowers popping up everywhere?

Oh I know we are so fortunate and should have no complaints
I feel so sorry for the folks that are covered with snow!
And then for those affected by the storms down south over the weekend?

I Love Spring but I so hate the stormy weather that comes with it
NO these are not this year they are last years pictures

But I am just ready for everything to be green once again
As I know we all are

There is a new Etsy Group FOLKART and PRIMITIVES and I wanted to share with you
the Pinterest board they have so you can find all of their items

won this set of three rabbit bowl fillers from my blog
She shared this picture, and oh my now I have a Plan
We are going to be clearing off our deck and changing it up some
for better comfort this year, it is far to cluttered 
So my goal is to set me up a staging area for photo shoots
Thank you  Jody for sharing

Have a wonderful Monday


  1. Happy monday day dear
    Sending you sunshine s and warm hugs from South Africa x

  2. Seeing your lovely flowers and creating some spring items here, I'm way ready for warmer weather. Not complaining to loudly, as we know it could be far worse like our east coast friends and family are living with. And I'm VERY happy to not be working at the flower shop like I have for many years......cold weather and flower delivery do not mix!
    Have a great day~

  3. Oh Brenda I just want one good snow.
    And then some green spring.
    Love all your beautiful bunnies.
    Woolie warm hugs

  4. Hi Brenda...well we haven't wished for snow but this last week we were dumped on quite heavily...not like the east but way too much. And it's snowing again today. Seems that's all it knows how to do since the first of Feb.

    I love your sweet collage idea.
    And the pretty - a bright and colorful spot in all this white.


  5. Love your post, Brenda. The flowers are beautiful and making me long for spring. Thanks for sharing about our group! Jody's picture is adorable!


  6. Love all the little feed sacks.I could decorate my whole house with feed sacks like those

  7. I am waiting for spring too. It's getting closer. The snow is all melting today. I can hear it dripping of the roofs and down the drains. You know that sound:) It's like a symphony outside. The sun is sooooo bright and lovely. Your rabbits are lots of fun. Tis the time to start multiplying!! ha ha. -Steph-

  8. I sure hope it warms up soon! I know you are ready for some sunshine! Sweet hugs!

  9. Hi Brenda, would like Spring to arrive our pin keeps, the bunnies are so sweet, Francine.

  10. Yes, Spring would be nice! I will have to check out the Pinterest board, thanks!

  11. Thank you for the news on the Pinterest group. I'm sure I'll love it.
    I hope you don't get any snow. We got a couple of feet, and I am enjoying it!
    Our woods look so pretty.


  12. Lovely post Brenda. We have so much ice on the roads and sidewalks and it is just not good at all. I am hoping that we get some nice sunshine to melt it away. Rather have snow than ice!
    Be blessed,


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