Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ok so Happy New Year, YUP starting over

Good Morning ok so I am starting over I lost one day of this year already

**Inserting HUGE grin**
I know it is only the second of January but..............

Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away!!!

cause yesterday was a DISASTER!! instead of thinking like most would
that it is the beginning of not a great year, I declare today to be the first day of this year

You see my day began with this gosh awful head........ what ever it is I have!!
I have come to the conclusion that it is mostly allergies?? done the flu, done the cold,
done the cold again, and now I am doing what ever it is I have LOL

It is too cold to get my sidekicks groomed

And Being that we are all stuck inside because of the COLD *UGH weather*
Their dander is up bad..........YUP in my nose, in my head, EVERYWHERE!!

So with my messed up sneezing, running nose, eyes watering
*did I say eyes watering?? cause they were miserable after what happened*

I started my day staining and painting, with oven door open to 
start the drying process, as always I throw a couple of pieces of muslin
~stained~ over the door of the oven, I ALWAYS do this!!
But maybe I need to change my methods up a bit for 2013


I turn around and think gee my candle is smoking NAY
my muslin fell into the oven when I opened the front door to let
the so called dander ridden dogs outside
The draft must of been strong LOL
They fell on the coils in my oven and caught on FIRE

OMG.............knowing hubby had gotten off and was coming home
I am freaking out!!!!!!!! everything open every fan on and both fire detectors going
BEEP BEEP BEEP.................
so with tongs in hand I am moving the flaming pieces of fabric to the sink????
I get all the scent out of the house before he shows up
**OH if only he knew I did this I would be in so much trouble**

Not a good start to a New Year *SIGH*

New tucks started, new bunnies and uncle sams
all sorts of items going at once

I promise to stay away from the FIRE today

Hope you have a wonderful day and a good laugh at me!!!


  1. That is no fun and scary, glad you didn't do too much damage. One of the reasons I never use the oven to dry cloth, lol. I use a front loader and a rack, much easier;)


  2. Oh my you were lucky you didn't get hurt!

  3. Since it all ended well, the fire and tongs makes a funny story, tho maybe it is too soon for you to laugh. I think you are smart to start your New Year TODAY.

  4. Glad it wasn't so bad Hubby had to know!! My mister does not like me drying in the oven, but I do it all the time. Might not if he would just put me up a clothesline!!! So thankful it turned out okay for you. Yes, today should be the first day of your new year. Enjoy.

  5. Oh oh....What a way to start the New Year.....Hope it gets better for you.....Hugs Francine.

  6. You'd better be careful, girl!

  7. ((hugs)) I hope your head thing goes away quickly. I too have been battling something for almost 2 weeks now.
    Your day may have been bad to you yesterday, but I have to admit, it made me chuckle :) It totally sounds like something that would happen to me. Glad all was well in the end.

    Here's to a happy, healthy, prosperous, and fun New Year to you!!


  8. Glad everything turned out okay. But IT will say what I find astounding is you took time to get a photo!!!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Something like that could only happen to one-of-a-wonderful-but-oh-so-funny you! Glad you got it "contained" and no major damage (well, other than to the muslin I suppose....) And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!! The 1st is over-rated anyways me thinks. ;o Wishing you a year overflowing with blessings, joys, and promise....and, of course, Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. glad you got the fire out I tried drying gingerbread men in the microwave once..they litterally blew up & did the blue lightning thing lol!lol!

  11. Hi Miss Brenda,

    Oh my mohair, I fell off the puter chair laughing. At you? No, of course not, just that you are such a good story teller. Giggle.

    Prudence ♥

  12. ha ha!!! Ok, seriously, the fire isn't funny....oh but it is. My kids will attest that I start a fire in the oven or on the stove at least 3 times a year. Hope you get some meds for that nose of yours:) Happy New Year. -Steph-

  13. Oh My,
    I agree, you need a do over! I hope the crud you have goes away soon! I am sorry your are feeling bad and when that happens things tend to go wrong at one time, well at least at my house! I can't wait to see the new goodies. My snowman arrived today! I have a new mail person and seems that my mail wasn't getting delivered:O( so today I got a bunch of boxes that were marked arrived on 12\24 o4 12\27!!Does no good to complain, no wonder the po is having all kinds of problems. I Love the snowman, super cute. I am planning on having a prim tree this year at Christmas so I may contact you to see if you will do an ornament order for me.
    Feel better soon!
    Lynn and the Wienee ranch crew!

  14. Happiest of New Years to you Brenda. Had to chuckle about your fire because I think all of us has done something like that at least once. Feel better already ok? (((hugs)))
    Be blessed,

  15. Happy New Year Brenda!
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope all it well...stay safe!


  16. haha..well atleast the smoke detectors work eh?? lol...glad you are fine.

  17. Oh my Brenda!So glad that things turned out ok.The pups are darlings and a treat to see.Hoping that the nasty head thing soon goes away.Looking forward to seeing your new projects.Hugs,Jen

  18. That is so scary! I am happy you were able to keep it all under control and you are safe.

  19. Glad your o.k. Brenda ~ Hope your feeling better soon.
    Wishing you all the best in 2013!
    Prim Blessings

  20. Oh my goodness Friend
    So glad you are o.k.
    Happy New Year.
    Stay safe and well.
    Woolie Blessings

  21. Oh Brenda, I think that one takes the cake girl. I'm so glad no one was hurt. I hope there wasn't much smoke damage. I think I've said it before, you have all the excitement!
    In an attempt to make you feel better, I've started a few indoor fires myself in the past... haha! Be careful my friend.

  22. What a start to the new year. Glad things went ok. That so sounds like something I would do.Then after the fact look to see that nobody was looking.

  23. No wonder you want to start over....I hope you have better luck this time..


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