Thursday, January 31, 2013

It can slow down, Really I won't complain

Good Morning Friends

I can not believe it is already the last day of January

I want spring to hurry and get here
but I do not want the days to fly by this year!!

I believe this time of the year is hard on everyone, lack of sunshine
Not enough hours in the fresh outdoors?
Cabin fever, spring fever.......what ever you may refer to it as
Winter blues, or blahs.......achy joints, the list could go on and on

just being moody ........ normal............Ok I must confess
I am just ready for garage sale season!

I have new tucks in my shop
New tucks on my work table to photograph
New Rabbits closer to being finished

Tomorrow is the first and I intend to have them all added

And tomorrow I will begin my February special
The tucks will be on sell again

Also I will announce the winners of my January Blog giveaway
and of my Rusty Thimble Facebook Page giveaway

AND..............for February I will be giving away the first Rabbit
for 2013!!! so be sure to come and visit me tomorrow!

I am dreaming of Green trees, warm water, sunsets over the lake
and FISHIN!!!


  1. Morning Brenda, oh I'm dreaming right along with ya.....enough of this cold crap.....Blessings Francine.

  2. We actually had some sun this morning so I sat out and enjoyed a bit of it.


  3. oh I just love ALL the sweet pillows!!!

  4. I agree about the cabin fever thing. Yesterday it was 60 degrees! Windy and rainy but I was happy to stand outside in it for 10 minutes or so even though it wasn't really sunny. I want to start planting things again! Love your pillows especially the bunny ones!

  5. Ahhh gorgeous pillow tucks! I couldn't begin to pick a fav! You said it! I'm ready Freddy for some sunshine and warmth to stay. Here I am sticking my face out the car window, going down the street! LOL
    Mary Jo

  6. Sweet pillow tucks!I can not wait for warmer days.Hugs,Jen

  7. Especially love the sunflower ones... I sure wish it was easy to print those pictures onto fabric. I still haven't tried it. What kind of printer do you have?


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