Friday, December 7, 2012

Someone is Trying to tell me something?

Ever had one of those days??

YOU know the kind?? JUST one of those crawl back and bed and cover the head days!!

*picture above taken from internet*
And I refrained from saying any bad words
I am so proud!!!

MINE was WHITE..............yep WHITE and on four orders mind you

YES that is what I get for having so much piled on the counter and working around it
I dumped white paint all over four orders of finished items

Some one must be telling me something........I will let you know when I figure it out


I had a craving? wanted something to munch on and could not figure that out
so I fix popcorn??? OR I burnt popcorn Oh my word!!
THE STINCH is horrible!!!

Hubby called this morning he has become a regular celebrity on our local radio
station.......he has won so many CD'S........this morning he called to tell me to listen
so I tuned in, they put you in a Hot Seat to ask a question
He won to a concert.......that we can not attend LOL
Now where is this part of this story going to.......he calls and tells me to call in
on the next trivia question.......and tell them the answer because he can not win more then
one time a day..........I am busy hitting recall and recall..........never got an answer

BUT you know that 3's a while attempting to call
I dump an entire bags of Lemon head candies on the floor
Now that was a site me crawling all over trying to keep the dogs from getting them!!!
and still attempting to hit redial on my phone
HMMMM...........yep that pillow sounds better and better

YES one of those days.............I think I shall go cover my head 
maybe take a day off!! Nay I have things to remake now *SIGH*

new snow girl  thank the Good Lord I already shipped her out!

I am smilin my day will get better! Back to work I go


  1. Hi Miss Brenda,

    We're not laughing, honest. But the thought of you and the dogs diving around on the floor for the lemon candies does bring a grin or two...three. BUT...we are not laughing (sure).

    We are sorry about the mishap with the orders - that is NOT funny. But, you are okay, you didn't have an accident where you were hurt so as Mom says "this to shall pass". Easy for her to say, huh?

    Love you,
    Prudence ♥

  2. Oh my, what a day you've had...yep, might be just as well to have a do over day!

  3. Oh goodness Brenda, I so hope your day gets better!!

  4. Oh, Boy!! Hope your day can only get better! Hopefully all the bad stuff is gone.

    Hugs, Janie

  5. Laughing. Had one of those days myself yesterday. Thank goodness for a new day!

  6. Good to hear I'm not the only one who has these days. Not that I'm saying misery loves company mind you. Hope you let hubby know it was all his fault.

  7. That is to much for one person to take.....Hope you relax this evening after that morning......Blessings Francine.

  8. I had a bit of a day like that today...but not as bad as yours. Sure made me feel crumby though. Sweet hugs...we both need them!

  9. Oh yes I definitely have those days!

  10. I thin we all get those kinds of days every now and then....and some of us more often! :/

  11. I think you need to stop and take a rest and have that snack attack, take a nap, walk away, what ever it takes for a bit. I'm sorry, I did chuckle over the Lemon Heads and trying to redial!!!! It all sounds like something that would happen to me..............
    hang in there Brenda.

  12. Too funny Brenda! Would love to see a video of you picking up the lemon candies amongst the dogs while hitting the redial! lol

  13. Oh my, been there before. As an undergrad, I worked really hard on a 3D model for a design class. Early that morning, while attempting to load it in my truck, I stumbled on the rug edge and fell on top of the model! Needless to say, it was totally crushed. Luckily, the instructor actually believed me and allowed time for me to build another one. Lol! :)

  14. Oh Brenda what a day! Sorry but I couldn't help but giggle picturing you trying to keep two pups from having lemon drops.I sincerely hope that the day soon improved.Big hugs,Jen

  15. Ouch...yeah, been there, done that....and really HATE it when the Mulligan Days come one right after the other. :o( I'm in a pattern now I fear.... Hope you rescued the Lemon drops....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Hahaha! Brenda Griffith, "This Is Your Life"! You better get used to it :) You will survive. Those lemon drops sound good btw.


  17. Brenda,
    I have days like that more often than I like to talk about..LOL.
    I always say it must be a test to see what will really push me over the edge :-)

    Harvest Moon Primitives


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