Thursday, December 27, 2012

And yet one more time!

This year will soon be behind us and yet another one will begin

And Yet One more time............I am Feeling under the weather!!
Fever, chills, sore throat, that just will not go away
Hubby got it at work again and brought it home to me, SIGH
I have never, Been this sick this many times in one year before??

Frankly my friends I am ready for the little birds to sing, and the grass to turn green
For flowers to bloom, and ?? I can't believe I am saying this for the thunder to boom :)

We actually awoke to that on Christmas Morning, thunderstorms and rain, then by noon
the sleet begin and the snow started to fall, we only got a couple of inches if that much and it stopped
At least we got about an inch of much needed rain before it turned to winter outside
And it has been bitter COLD!!
Seems all of you further East got a larger winter storm
Hope you are all staying Safe and Warm

I have been reading blogs and surfing the internet, but after a while I go cuddle under a blanket
And close my eyes, I thought I had Winter creations behind me but got a large ornament
order during Christmas, I am finishing all of those up and will be moving on to spring soon

I am so ready to create Rabbits, birds, flowers, and a few surprises this year
A bunch of New items which I just never got around to doing last year

Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas
I shall recover from this mess soon, and be back to normal
A big pot of stew is on for dinner tonight,
We had a Pot of Homemade Chili for Christmas :)
Potato soup for tomorrow!! Yes it is Winter time out there
And by golly the only good thing about feeling under the weather
I can cook meals like this and make it simple



  1. Oh poor you, Brenda, sure hope you are on the feeling better track soon.......Love that rabbit, Yey......Blessings Francine.

  2. I sure hope you get to feeling better very soon there my friend. I like the white stuff, we have enough for my fill but I'm ready for warm weather. Must be my age and is why I'm already for it to go! Been kinda feeling the same as you but haven't gotten real bad yet and hopefully I won't. Feverish, chills, start of a sore throat and I gargle with Listerene and I'm good for a while.
    Don't want to put the elf away ;-( he's got such personality........... Stay warm and rest girl!

  3. Oh, sweet friend! I hate that you feel bad and I know you've had trouble feeling warm and comfy. DON'T come and visit my blog! You can wait until tomorrow. I'm going to show something I made that you will LIKE tomorrow! And a new blog that you'll LOVE! Take care! We're having chili tonight! Hugs!

  4. So sorry you've been inundated with illness lately, Brenda. Sure hope you get better soon. Soups are GREAT for this time of year! It's quite chilly here but if I tell you it's 60 you'll just laugh at I'm not telling you that it's been 60 here today. Nope, you won't hear it from me!

  5. Oh sweetie I'm sorry to hear you got the yuck again.So many people seem to be dragging on with it this year.Curl up,sip some honey tea and get better.Hugs!~Amy

  6. So sorry you are ill, again.
    hope the coming days bring you good health and healing. Please let the rabbits jump in your mind, and know that your time is coming. hugs until you feel better!

  7. So sorry to read that you're feeling punky again. You sure have had a round of it and then some. My hubby's sick too...And I'm just holding my breath, praying I don't catch it right when I'm starting a new term. I need to get on that soup agenda....I look forward to soup season all summer long, and now I'm slacking. Take care and hope you feel better in the bat of a bunny's eye....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. OH Brenda,

    Feel better soon, this crap jsut doesn't want to go away...ugh! Oh bunnies... I am not ready.... I need a wee bit of a break... OLM

  9. Brenda so sorry that you are not feeling well!It seems that you have had more than your share.Looking forward to seeing your visions for Spring.Big hugs,Jen

  10. Feel better soon Brenda...tell hubby to bring you home chocolate next time and not germs. ;0)

  11. I have had winters like that, the never ending cold, so not fun. I hope you feel better soon.


  12. Ah Brenda stop that!! Get better quick!! Sounds like you've already gotten the spring fever! And that is a good thing!! I too have been under the weather for about 2 weeks now!! I have been creating spring things in my mind too! LOL It's a good thing. I have picked out my word for 2013 it's PEACE!! I want it everywhere and especially in me!! LOL That way I can create more like you!! Take care my prim friend!! XOXO Fran.

  13. so sorry you down sick. Hope you feel better soon.

    God bless and keep you,

  14. Brenda...I am so sorry to hear you are sick and pray you will soon be on the road to recovery.

    Soup? I love soup, especially on cold snowy days like we're having here in Iowa. Potato soup! Do you have a good recipe?? I need one! please.........


  15. Bless your heart Brenda! I sure hope you get rid of this crud for good really soon!
    Be blessed,

  16. Hope you Feel Well Soon, Brenda!!
    Sending Get Well Wishes your way!
    Take Care!!

  17. Oh no............sick again????? You need to visit the Cape.........nice mild weather!!!! I'm still trying to finish up a couple Xmas gifts.......ugh..then on to Valentines Day for the shop!

  18. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. A new year and a new you. Spring thinking sounds wonderful. Blessings~Sara

  19. I hope you are better soon...Maybe the NY will be kinder to you..

  20. So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well!! We did get a bunch of snow here and I am also ready for spring! I fear it's a long way off though...
    Hope you are feeling much better soon!!

  21. O sweet Brenda ...I hope you feel better soon ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  22. Oh poo Bren, not again. Let's pray this new year, 2013, will be lucky for us and not cursed. Will be healthy, prosperous, and peaceful.
    All that snow missed us! We just got a dusting.


  23. I hope you feel better soon. I love your little bunny.big hugs

  24. Sorry you are under the weather Brenda. So much of that going around this year. Seems like more than usual. Mr. P and I have been spared so far but Holly and her family have been hit hard by that bug. Take care of yourself. Soup sounds wonderful. We are having much needed rain and it is suppose to be cold tomorrow. Hoping for a p.j. day here at the home place.


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