Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Winner of Week # 2's Ornament, and the Girls!

Good Morning I know It seems I am running 24 hours behind on Everything!!

WELL?? 24 does not even come close to describing it *Smile*
at least I am still smiling at this time, last year I was pulling my hair out
and I am busier this year, but I have more control over it?
Yay right..........and if you believe that one LOL

 The Winner of Week #2 


congratulations Lisa I will contact you today for your address

Don't forget to sign up for Week #3

For Three ornaments Click here to sign up  

YESTERDAY..............I was away all day long so I am sorry for being late


The Girls....wanted to say Hello, and ask for a new Mama LOL
I have not shared photos in awhile
They got hair cuts, I have a confession to make
I had neglected them, so they cut them different this time
So do not look at the floor....for I have been neglecting my housework as well....
 they get under my feet while I am 
creating and every tiny piece of lint, threads etc. seems to stick to them
and they track it all over the place, I so want hard wood floors!!! I hate Carpet!

Miss Shelby, yes she cried so her eyes are yucky, poor baby thinks the world
has come to an end if I leave her anywhere!!

As soon as I put them in the yard this one goes straight for the dirt and rolls in it??
look at that face........Rango is such a character.

I have a ton of work to catch up on

Have a Wonderful day


  1. congrats to the winner and lots of love for the girls..xxx

  2. Congratulations Lisa on winning Brenda's wonderful giveaway.
    Brenda you are so sweet and generous.

  3. Congrats to Lisa! The girls look adorable with their new cuts.You always work well under pressure so I'm sure you'll do just fine sweetie.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Congrats to Lisa.

    Oh, your fur babies are so precious. We love them.

    Hardwood floors - yes they are great and easy to keep clean but the dust bunnies (fur balls) roll around, gaining momentum and size. But they are great. (o:


  5. Congrats to Lisa! Love your sweet little girls!My little one has hives yet again,I am beginning to think it may be my carpet.Yet think it is time for new flooring.Have a great day,Jen

  6. Congratulations to Lisa!!!!
    The girls are adorable as always, Brenda! Have a wonderful day!
    Take Care!

  7. Congrats Lisa!! Tell your girls I said hi, Valerie

  8. Congrats to Lisa and thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  9. Congrats to Lisa....and don't work too hard, my friend! But I know you will and this will last for the next 2 months...at least!

  10. Congrats to Lisa!!!
    I too have neglected to give our Betsy her haircut. She is looking really shaggy, but I feel bad about getting her hair so short when it is so cold for her to go outside and do her business. I guess she'll just have to do her business quicker. LOL

  11. **GASP** The Moonlit Stitch??? THAT'S ME! I WON! YAaaay! Happy dancing has commenced! TY Brenda!
    Your little girls look so silky soft, they are sweeties! ~*~Lisa

  12. Congrats Lisa! Your girls are always so cute :0)

  13. Congrats to Lisa!!!
    Thanks Brenda!!!
    The babies are darling as usual!!!
    Don't forget me time once in awhile ~ smile...
    Prim Blessings

  14. Congrats to Lisa - couldn't have happened to anyone sweeter.... Awwww....on the pups. We got our little shih tzu in a few weeks ago finally - poor guy is still shivering. :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Hi Brenda....congrats to Lisa, Yey!!!!!!! Sweet fur babies, look adorable.......Blessings Francine.

  16. Your fur babies are adorable!!
    Congrats to Lisa!

  17. Congrats to Lisa! LOVE pics of those fur babies!

  18. Yay! Lisa! Brenda, I have the ornies and Santa Make Do that I bought last year and I treasure them.
    I can't wait to put them out this year.
    Awww, that face is priceless!

  19. Congrats Lisa...that's cool.

    Love you ornaments Brenda. I am hoping to win one too. :)

    Have a great day.

    Take care, Janet W

  20. Congrats Lisa! Brenda the girls are the cutest!
    Be blessed,

  21. Congrats to the winner and the pups look awesome. I have 4 dogs and would rather have wood floors too :)

  22. Hi Brenda. I am so glad you put pictures of your babies up. I was just thinking the other day that you haven't shared them for a while. Busy is the name for this time of year. I am glad you still have your hair though. Thanks for all the fun giveaways. You are such a neat lady. Have a great day. -Steph-

  23. Congrats to Lisa!! Yippee!!

    Love seeing the pics of your babies!!

    Have a wonderful night~Becky


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