Friday, November 16, 2012

Special Announcement, Blog Hop Giveaway, Miss Shelby is so much better, and it Never Fails!!

Good Friday Afternoon
Well where should I start on that title at *Sign*

Let's begin with the Blog Hop Giveaway
sorry I have yet to respond to all the many entries I have 
** Busy busy..........and then a little more busy!!**
Be sure and sign up for this weeks ornament giveaway
yes you have to jump over to all the blogs and just leave them a comment
and follow their blogs as well!
One winner on Monday morning will be announced to win All 38 ornaments!!
What a Tree that will be

My announcement

I purchased a couple of packs of ink just for that much dreaded
occasion called TAXES.........YAY!!!
So I thought I would get a jump start and do all of my printing early
While doing so I noticed this year I have so many repeat customers 
I have decided to do something special for them

I have been so blessed with wonderful folks that help me keep my business going
That at the end of 2012 I will be throwing names in a hat to draw a winner
for a $50.00 gift certificate to my ETSY SHOP
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ photo opt for this one, it never fails if we make plans they always
seem to be altered in one way or another
We had intended to do some running during Thanksgiving
Just popping here and there and visiting everyone

Well that involves a lot of miles and several people to see
Instead we get a call yesterday to inform us that a procedure has been
scheduled for hubby on Wednesday UGH!!!!
So not sure what sort of running or visiting we will be getting done
I do know one thing we will be going to visit somewhere!!
Hubby will be on vacation after work today, and I do not intend on 
sticking around here all week!!!!!!!

I just have to share this somewhat sad looking photo
Last week I had Hubby under foot for four days off sick
And this one got sick as well, POOR Shelby

Can't you see it in her eyes, she caught a horrible cold and was even
having breathing issues from it, she is all better now and in fact they are outside
in this unusual WARM weather we are having. I am not complaining as I do 
dread the winter coming, but dang, I am beginning to wonder if all of the leafs 
will ever drop? NAY............I prefer to go directly into Spring myself LOL

* notice that white fur behind her*
While Shelby was feeling bad Rango would not venture too far from her mommy

have a wonderful Weekend, back to work for me


  1. Oh, poor little Shelby. Here is a BIG teddy bear hug to make you feel better. You are such a sweet little girl.

    Hope your "Dad" is feeling better too.

    Prudence ♥

  2. Your like the energizer bunny ~ you just keep going and going!!!
    Hope nothing is seriously wrong with hubby and you can enjoy your holiday.
    Shelby does look so sad with her ear perked up ~ glad to hear she is doing better.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  3. I had so much fun jumping from one blog to another to enter the giveway and "meeting" great artists at the same time:-)

    Awwww, so sorry to hear that your plans will have to be altered a bit due to your hubby's procedure and as you say, it never fails when you have plans! lol As for Shelby, she certainly did look sick, poor pup...glad she's feeling much better now, though:-) xox

  4. Hi Brenda, you are always so busy, I feel tired after reading your blog, tee hee.......Poor Shelby, she looks so sad, glad she is feeling better, have a good weekend, Blessings Francine.

  5. Oh goodness! Too many sick in your household. Hope hubby is doing better and glad that Shelby is beginning to feel more like her cute little self. Enjoy the holiday to the fullest!


  6. Taxes? YUCK! Glad your fur baby is on the mend and hubby too. Enjoy his time off! ~*~Lisa

  7. glad your fur baby is feeling better..have a lovely weekend x

  8. I hope everyone feels better now and you have a nice weekend. Sweet hugs coming your way!

  9. I'm so glad Shelby is doing better and I wish your hubby good luck on Wednesday....I hope all goes well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  10. Brenda-you're so generous...And your doggie does look rough! No pun intended! Happy day! Laura

  11. Hi Brenda, I'm sorry that you sweet "puppy" isn't feeling well. I hope she'll be "bright eyed and bushy tailed" soon. It's not good when our pets are sick.
    I would love to be the winner of all of the ornaments that are in the Giveaway. All of them are so cute and I love, love, love handmade items like these.
    I hope your husband is on the mend too. Can't have "hubby" sick either !

  12. It's way too early for me to be thinking about taxes~yuck! Hope your little girl is feeling better.

    Enjoy your week~Becky

  13. Did ya really have to go and say that "t" word? YIKES! I don't even THINK about them till after the holidays!! ;o Hope by now both hubby and Shelby are on the mend. Seems like when it rains, it pours. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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