Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A winner of week #5 and yes I am missing, I am missing...

Winner of Week #5 ornament giveaway is

congrats to Susan so sorry I am late!!!
I will send you an email shortly Susan to get your address


Good afternoon, well I hope yours is better then mine is!!

I am missing..............
I am missing getting a full nights sleep, been a couple of weeks for that one!!
no *not from being too busy* I should be but I had to stop
Because I just can not shuck this sickness!!

I am missing eating...........
I have not had a good meal in a week! Have to make myself eat something
just to prevent any more health issues, nothing tastes good!!
heck of a way to loose those extra pounds???
about 10 more to go, but I don't want to be sick no more *sigh*

I am missing....................
a Clean house, mine sure has been neglected lately
*Oh I straighten but that is about all*, seems if I move around much 
my fever comes back!!!!

And I am missing blogging, sewing, just everything I normally do
DARN Flu and cold mess!!!!!!!!!! I never want this stuff again!

But I really should not complain at all, I am watching out my window
Next door to me they are bringing in a hospital bed
our neighbor fell a couple of months ago and broke his hip
They are suppose to be bringing him home today?

I need to count my blessings, as I am seldom sick with a bad illness
just the normal sinus mess, or my headaches, or the temporary 
vertigo episodes once in a while

So no more whining from me, I will get over this
Be watching the next post is for the week #6 ornament giveaway


  1. Oh Brenda, feel so bad for you, that bad flu....well wishes sent to you.....Congrats to the winner.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Congrats to Susan, but take care of yourself, sick at the Holidays with so much to do, no fun...rest! OLM

  3. Congrats to Susan on this great win! ~*~Lisa

  4. Congrats to Susan! We had that 'mess', too, Brenda! The kids were out of school for 4 days each. Of course, they got it back to back. Thank goodness I didn't get it so bad. Get better soon!

  5. Get better soon Ms. Brenda!! Congrats to Susan. I have finally gotten my goodies posted to my blog. Thank you again for your generosity.


  6. Congratulations to Susan! Hope you get well soon!!!!

  7. Congrats Susan!! Get better Brenda! (sending good vibes)

  8. Love your ornaments..Hope you are soon feeling better..Busy time to be sick..

  9. Brenda your cold sure is taking it's sweet time leaving.....I hope you feel better soon sweetie.

  10. Thank you so much, Brenda. I hope you get better soon, this is always a bad time of year for getting every germ out there. Please slow down if you can and get well.
    Thanks for all the congrats, girls!

  11. Argghhh...so sorry Bren....There really is a bunch of junk going around this year - and so early! Hope you get to feeling better soon....Yeah, I miss a clean house too - but it isn't cuz I'm sick! :o Bleated congratulations to lucky Susan!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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