Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I love my New Snoozies and what will I give away next?

Good Morning everyone
Wow now that the Big giveaway is over
*and congrats to everyone who won*
You may want to read on to see what my next giveaways will be

Do NOT blow up this photo LOL
you would see I have neglected taking care of 
my legs
LOOK at my new Snoozies
They are so soft and comfy like socks instead of houseshoe's,
or slippers? what ever you may call them and OH they are WARM!!!
Yes you can tell my left ankle is still swelling, not bad like it normally does
but then again I stay off of it as much as possible
If I had a scan run I would be worried about what all they would find wrong!
UGH........the joy of past injuries creating old Life Aches and pains,
my knot has moved again on the bottom of my foot it is attempting to go
directly in the ball of my foot and right on the tendon!! OUCH!
I wonder? maybe I could make a small incision and fix the issue myself

I made a new Santa Makedo this past week
He will be in my Etsy shop sometime today

And for my next giveaways
Be watching for my next post shortly after this on

He see's YOU!!! 
I will be giving away an ornament a week
from now until week beforeChristmas
*but wait* did I say an ornament???
Well we will have another giveaway with donations
of handmade ornaments the middle of November with one winner
winning all donated ornaments
*IF you would like to donate and participate in that giveaway please let me know*
It can be an ornament you made or a handmade one you have purchased!!!!

Now back to my weekly giveaways!! You will want to join in every week
Because one of those weeks I will be giving away more then one ornament
and for every week you participate you will add to your odds weekly

example if you sign up for week number one that is one chance, but
it will give you two chances if you sign up for week #2..........3 for week #3 etc.

These giveaway will be simple all you will have to do is follow my blog and comment!!
So watch out cause Santa will make his debut today SOON!!

Have a wonderful week


  1. Good Morning
    Love the new slippers. Stinkin cute.
    Hope your ankle foot feels better before you perform surgery. :)
    I would love to donate a ornie.


  2. Hi I love the new slipper so much..so sweet..
    Hope your ankle feel better soon..
    Hugs cucki xxx

  3. How delightful your new Snoozies are, they do look so comfy!! My feet are always so warm, though, I'm usually barefeet unless I have to go out! lol

    I know what you mean about wondering what all they would find wrong with a scan...I'd rather not know! lol I do hope your foot stops giving you so much pain:-(

    I'm so looking forward to your ornament giveaways, fun, fun, fun:-)xox

  4. Pooh! Those new slippers look so comfy and cozy! I think I would just have to have a lazy day to stay in my pj's and keep them on all day!

  5. I meant to say ooooh! Not pooh! Darn autocorrect!

  6. Morning,
    love those "snoozies" they look comfy!
    The new Santa make-do is cute too.
    Hope you get some much needed rest today............

  7. LOVE the slippers, where did you get them? I got a pair of mucklucks for Christmas last year and they are full of holes so I am looking for something new! Sorry about your knot!
    Be blessed,

  8. I am a barefoot kinda gal....but when it turns cold, I can't seem to get enough layers on my feet. Those snoozie look so cozy good. Not good news about your foot and ankle though....ouch. Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Snoozies look comfy, might have to check them out

  10. Ohhh I like those snoozies. Now put your aching moving ball feet in them....and march them off to the doctor! Nurses orders!!!!

  11. Those slippers look extra cozy! Count me in on your joint Giveaway!

  12. Your snoozies look very comfy and I think I need to get a pair!!

  13. Good morning Brenda~

    Love the new slippers. They look so nice & cozy.

    Enjoy your day~Becky


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