Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let The Fun Begin. It won't be long now

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend
We visited with family
And Hubby and I took a hike on Monday
Where my FIL's lake house is there is a gate across the road from him
to take trails down to the water
*Yes I was standing out in the water when I took this picture*
Go ahead ask me if my neck was on a swivel checking to make
sure no Gators were anywhere around *YEP*

The Water is so YUCKY this year, with the heat and blue green algae 
it has been so nasty looking all year!
That and the fact that we could sure use RAIN
Lot's of Rain!
The FIL informed us it was about a football field hike to get there
Maybe so but we must of made a wrong choice when we reached
a fork in the trail, because it was more like Two and a half football fields
And for someone that is out of shape that is a LONG way to walk
When we reached the Ridge pictured above
which to some may not appear to be steep
We had to hike down hill on a rough trail

But it was so relaxing once we reached the beach area
We both agreed we need to do that more often
*After we huffed and puffed our way back up the hill!!* Sigh!
But since then it has Heated back up and been so muggy out!
Too Muggy to go for walks
I was worried my foot would really be aching once we took that hike
But I think it was actually good for it
maybe I need to get out and walk so it will get stronger

It won't be long before Fall

I started a September Special in my ETSY shop yesterday
I know I said no more sales on the tucks but I have
had so many ask me when I would put them on sale again

Well for the first half of September
If you purchase any three items in that section you can choose 
one FREE
The Free one has to be in that section of my shop also
When making your purchase you can leave a message on your 
order with your free choice
Remember only until the 15th of September
Then I will start my Christmas Specials for the year

Don't forget my September Gingerbread Giveaway

Let The Fun Begin
*that would be long hours toiling away on Orders*
yes as of September the 1st
my body is adapting to staying up late at night and
then getting up far too EARLY to get back to work
It Won't be Long now
with the first day of Fall only a couple of weeks away
DID I just hear you all scream with delight?
Christmas will be FAST approaching
I know I could of left that part out Huh *smile*
with temps still in the triple digits here it is hard to think about 
Fall or Christmas!!!!

So I will leave you today with New pictures of the 
Grand babies

Little Miss Vada

And Mr. Oliver

Hope you have a Wonderful day


  1. How special your little grand babies look. I am expecting a great grand child in Dec. it is all very exciting.
    The hike to the water would be lovely, although when it is too hot my energy gets zapped.

  2. Super cutie grandbabys!! Love your creations!!

  3. Oh adorableness! Glad you took some time to get away.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. There is no way I would walk in water with alligators, lol. Love the photos of the grand babies, so precious.


  5. Your are far braver than me...I would not of gone in that water not knowing where the alligators were. But it sure is a pretty place!!
    Your grandbabies are so adorable!!

  6. Brenda your grandbabies are simply gorgeous.. You lucky girl and it is good to spend quality time with the people we love.. Angi X

  7. Hi Brenda, yikes, gators,you are a brave girl,but nice pictures. Oh the Grandbabies are so sweet,love them some.Blessings Francine.

  8. Yikes! I don't think I could have put a foot in that water thinking about alligators being around! Glad you had fun though! Your grands are adorable!

  9. You are one brave woman, hiking like that with the possibility of a gator siting!!! lol
    What beautiful grandbabies! Ms. Vada's smile is so sweet and I think I missed Mr. Oliver's arrival announcement? Have fun spoiling them.

  10. Beautiful grandbabies Brenda. Soooo sweet. I can smell them from here:) I can't beleive you got in the water if there was a possiblities of gator. Eeeek scary.
    What we won't do to get that most awesome photograph. It's beautiful, and if you had to lose an arm for it, it would be worth it. Ha ha. Good luck in all your fall creating. -Steph-

  11. Oh, Brenda~ the Grandbabies are sooo sweet~ adorable~

  12. Grandbabies sure are little bundles of joy! Enjoy your week! I'm off to a great start! Hugs!

  13. Beautiful pictures of the cute grandbabies! And I wouldn't have gone in the water, I'm too scared of gators.



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