Wednesday, August 1, 2012

product review!!

Hey there, thought I would come here and vent!

** if you will notice the title has changed, I went straight to the source**
called morning glory and they are making this right for me
OH I hope this does not happen again I love the product if I can get the
good stuff I am spoiled to using!!!

Like that fuzzy picture well it's contents sure are FUZZY
* first let me explain that YES I am GRIPPING*
thought I would do it here first, all morning I have put off going
to the Morning Glory Facebook Page knowing as angry as I am that I 
would probably say something and regret it later!

 Working away on new items this morning and orders and UGH.........
I just got a shipment of boxes of Morning Glory, yes ordered from Walmart
And no Walmart is not at fault
Morning Glory has done one of their fast ones YET again
yes I got three boxes that are a different kind of stuffing
I am so PUT out!!!
Why can't a company leave a product alone
knowing that so many women are perfectly satisfied with their
original product and that those Women prefer that they make no
CHANGES to that said product??????????

So I put this guy down because when someone gets upset it is best to
back away from the work table and COOL off some!! GEEEEE
I want my money BACK! And I am going to find me a new source for stuffing!!
*MORNING GLORY this is coming from a customer that has gone thru 11 boxes of
your product in a little over two months!!!! $132.00 WORTH
And I have not even hit the busiest time of my year yet????
In fact I just got an order that will take at least three boxes to make!!!!
FIX it darn it, make it good again LOL

Okay something a little more pleasant perhaps*SIGH*

I did finish my Witch
below is a close up of her hat

A close up of her face

and of her broom
Hmmm..........maybe I need to make me a broom
because I am feeling like a Witch today *smile*

and now why am I sharing this gal
Well I am listing this one in my Etsy Shop
But I am going to make another one for

YES you guessed it for my August giveaway
so you may want to stop back by this evening

And I will post that giveaway then

by the way the walmart in another town over from me is now
carrying the morning glory I am going to that store
And before purchasing I am opening those boxes up
so I can stick my fingers inside and see what it feels like
If it is good I am exchanging my boxes for theirs LOL
Can you imagine what they will think??? How funny!



  1. Brenda My walmart doesn't even have Morning Glory in stock at all yet but when and if they do I will open it up- and fell the deed.... Love the new witch darling. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  2. Oh NO! Brenda, not again! I have 3 boxes waiting for pick up at Walmart...ugh.... WTF...there I said it...why do they keep messign witha good things!?!?!!?
    So what did Morning glory say? Are they changing back?
    I just want to scream now! OLM

  3. these people that sell products seem to forget..without US there is no THEM! I hope they make it right..soon!

  4. Good grief!!! Don't these people know that when we are busy and in the middle of projects that we don't have time for these kinds of screw ups? Stressed? What is stress!!! Hang in there, sweet Brenda!


  5. Brenda,
    I've been stuffing pincushions today with Morning Glory stuffing...and guess what? I had Fuzzy stuff all over my shirt and jeans. Errrrr.... I also notice that the stuffing is not white anymore, but a gray color. I will be looking for another brand that is not Fuzzy.

  6. Ya know....I'm hanging my head in shame, as I fear I wouldn't know a good stuffin' from a bad one. It's been that long... :o( Sorry, tho, that you've had such frustrations....I remember fondly learning from you what "Morning Glory" first I thought it was a brand of tea or something, remember??? Silly crow.... Hope they do right by you....Hugs ~ Robin

  7. I feel for you. Grrrrr....
    Very frustrating.

  8. I had one box that was greyish and coarse feeling. The rest have been ok.
    I noticed the box that I recently bought was opened. No wonder!!

  9. It is so annoying when a company goes and changes what is already just fine. Seems they want to make things a cheaper way with less quality but then continue to sell at the same price. I'm glad you called them and I hope they rectify the situation!

  10. Oh I just hate that when a company changes their products. I run into that with paint. Why do they do that??? Hope you got it fixed by now.
    Love the witch!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Hi Brenda~

    Sometimes it feels good to vent. Hope you're having a better day. Love your new witch.



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