Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Accomplishing Goals, changing Routines, What a wonderful Year

Good Morning, I thought I would share some things with you today
I love this photo we took 3 years ago, yes I am reflecting over the past three years
I so wanted to have Huge Elephant Ears and other plants this year
But I never got around to it
Maybe next year if I can? that depends on if I want to
Not because I fall into the routine of thinking I Have to because
I Planned It!! I will get done what I do and I will enjoy it

I hoped to take in more hours enjoying The lake this summer
But we never had enough time to!
Does this upset me? NO
With the heat we as many endured this summer I prefer to wait for Fall!

I have taken a New path in life all year this year
Planned? Maybe I did give it a lot of thought when the year began

I actually am not a person to do the resolutions
But I do set goals.........and no not to do better
But to cope better, I normally always let being busy 
*some may say too busy*
Get in the way of what I hope will unfold in the Year
~~ Well it seems if we slow down and take things as they happen~~
you really get more done and enjoy it much MORE!

I have enjoyed more of these and other critters, more time with
Hubby on the deck and my dogs

Reflection is good, it makes you realize you were not meant to move mountains
every day, so I have approached things a bit differently
And I have to confess this has been a Wonderful Year

Let me begin with this to give you an idea of what I am rambling on about
I normally always started my days out with coffee and spending a couple of hours
on this computer, with a list a mile long to make use of the morning hours networking

well I have been up for a couple of hours now, 
(yes I finally slept last night)
And instead I may sit and pet my dogs and drink my coffee
I look out my window and watch daylight unfold in front of me
I check my email, get up and access what I want to get done in a day
*DID you hear that ? want, not what I Have to get done!*
I sat back down, and if I feel like getting on my blog to post I do
at first this really bothered me because I do not always have time to
read other blogs, but I now do that when I feel like taking the time to do it

I begin this year wanting to get my building done
* And I just realized I have still yet let that situation Bug me *
Not no more I have decided that I need to approach that differently

Then I look back at photos of when we were in our RV
When I started back online three years ago
And I think, wow I have come along way
no not because of not being in the RV anymore
I would just as soon live in it
I Make do with what I have and that my dear friends is what
It is all ABOUT

I will get my cramped situation under control and fixed someday
But until then instead of stressing over it, I just cope with what I have
to work with, and I thank the Lord for that!
I enjoy what I do and without all of you
I would not enjoy it
My approach to this year
realizing I did not have to let undue things or others reflect on my life
like I have in the past, I begin this year shutting my door to anything
negative, realizing I did not have to endure outside things that kept me upset

Understanding that I am me I am a Good person I love the Lord and I know
what ever he has planned for me, there is a reason and I will get done what ever I can do
that I will STOP long enough to enjoy his Beauty and Blessings
to Stop fretting and stressing, OH it feels so good!!

*so do take some time to just reflect, you will feel much better*

It now seems like there are more hours in a day
like I can accomplish so much more and enjoy myself doing that
I hope you will take some time today to enjoy something
I am so Happy with the changes I have made this year!!
some times being stuck in a routine can prevent you from
enjoying what you do

Have a wonderful day



  1. Very insightful - and healthy - Brenda. It is funny - but oh so true - that those days that just "unfold" seem to bear so much more fruit than those that are forced....and are so much more enjoyable. And even though we can instinctively "know" this, it can be difficult to put in practice and keep in motion. I have now for months anticipated getting the basic "have-to's" done soon enough at night to be able spend a few hours hooking or stitching...but haven't yet. Hmmmm, perhaps today I will just do it mid day and see what happens. ;o) Happy days ahead to you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. What a great post and a wonderful reminder.

  3. I agree with your ideas in your post, it is wonderful to drop routine and "musts" and sometimes we then accomplish more. Enjoy your day.

  4. Wonderful post Brenda!
    I too feel over whelmed and always have a must get done list and I'm always disappointed when I don't get the things done that are on that list. I'm going to try and change and take things in stride and be happy for what I have accomplished!
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Prim Blessings

  5. So true, I know when I get overwhelmed it is time to stop and relax and center myself. I like to sit on the porch and within seconds, my brain clears and I can think about what I want to do or what is important and what can wait;)


  6. Hi Brenda,
    there comes a time in one's life that we have to stop what we are doing, access the situation and make positive changes.....glad you have taken time to do so and like yourself, I too a few years ago, had to remove the negative surrounding me and not be drug down by things I can not control.
    I'm glad that you shared this....it's a great reminder for everyone!

  7. Brenda, I really enjoyed reading your post today.
    My hubby and I and alot of us have Christ in the center of our lives and there is so much BAD stuff out there in this world.
    As I went through cancer I am blessed that the Lord saw me through it and my wonderful husband and 2 wonderful sons.
    Then my Mom with cancer was a real blow and she just finished her last round of chemo. She went through chemo, radation and then chemo again.
    What I have learned through all of this is enjoy everyday with your loved ones and stop and smell the flower's. The little things are just that "little".

    I don't let people who are negative in my life and I don't worry like I used to.
    I also DON'T STRESS over everything like I used too.
    I have a wonderful husband and 2 great sons I was blessed with and they are my focus.
    Brenda you are very loved by alot of us gals on blogland and your family too. To me that makes you rich in life.
    I really loved reading this post and I really could relate to this post that you wrote from your heart.

    Keep enjoying your life and smell the flower's and give those extra hugs and kisses to your family and friends......We love you Brenda here on blogland.
    I feel very blessed and rich to been able to have gotten to know you. You have a HUGE heart and you are a loving and caring person.
    You are the kind of person that would give their shirt off their back for someone!

    Big Hugs to you my Friend,
    Tricia XO

  8. Lovely post Brenda. Take time to enjoy the beauty that we are given, and the love of our family. Then some times we can be more creative.

  9. You and I are so much alike! I always feel like I should be able to do more and I'm always trying to get caught up. But it's never going to happen. I love order but I always have too much going on and can't achieve it. And I love that you know God has a plan for you and that you know that you are good! We just need to be thankful for that! BIG HUGS! Your buddy, Diane

  10. You're so right. I have such a hard time letting go and relaxing. Always feel like I have to go, go, go and accomplish everything on my "to do" list. Thanks for the reminder. It definitely makes for a healthier life if we don't put all that stress on ourselves. ~Roberta


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