Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wow it is one HOT steamy day here in Oklahoma

And I have been one busy gal today, I can not believe how much I have actually 
gotten accomplished? It started on Sunday and I have not slowed down since?

See this is now how I am starting to feel *SMILE*
do not know if it is morning or afternoon

I just grabbed me a cup of coffee, Did I not just say it was a HOT one???
Guess I need some iced coffee......something I have never tried before!!

On my white background the quote may not show up so I am sharing

The Person you are trying to reach is out of body........
Please try again later
After I have my Coffee!!

But do I have some wonderful new things I am working on

And remember if you are interested in Wholesale you can comment
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I have a Wholesale blog set up but it is by invitation only

Stay cool my Friends


  1. Brenda how is the bite? Been thinking of you in between all my craziness here at the office.


  2. Hope you're staying cool....I've switched over to iced tea....it's another hot and steamy one here as well. We need rain so desperately! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. We are also hot and steamy here. Try to stay cool and keep away from those spiders.

    Can't wait to see what you are working on.


  4. Do you have a new banner, too? When it's so hot...it's fun to be inside sewing and crafting! Enjoy your week!

  5. Well it is winter here, and I feel for you when it is so hot. I know the feeling well. I do hope a cool change blows your way. Looking forward to see your next creation.

  6. I do love your header.
    Its another hot one here.
    I love the new iced coffee.
    Wool and iced coffee is a perfect day for me.


  7. Sometimes we have to be out of body to handle the craziness that goes on in life:) Just as long as you return, and are yourself and not another personality. Ha ha. Can't wait to see what you are working on now.
    -Steph- p.s. how is your bite? I am interested in knowing if you found out what it was.


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