Thursday, July 12, 2012

UP date on SERIOUSLY!!!!

Good Morning, REALLY, Oh my gosh
I do not have time for this !!!!!

I am now on antibiotics
YAY aren't you proud of me *smile*
The bite has infection in it and if it shows signs of
getting worse I am to go back in
Seems I have extremely thin blood and it is bruising around the edge
that we are looking at, well heck I knew my blood was thin!
I can barely bump myself and get a bruise
I am ok but I feel much better knowing I will be ok!!

Warning this first picture is not a pretty picture
This shot is of my upper inside *EEEK, white* thigh *SIGH*
Gee I need some sunshine on this stark white body of mine
now if we traveled down about 4 inches towards my knee 
I promise the color changes and the tan line begins , I know you really 
wanted me to share that with you this morning

At first I thought I had bruised my leg, this has been like this for three days.
But Apparently if you look right in the center of it
Something bite me *Darn it*
and trust me sometime's just sometimes it is difficult to select these
simple words that I put in those little * and *'s *smile*

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon for my benefit
so I could compare it to this morning to see if I may need to 
go and get a steroid shot and some meds??
It is hot to the touch, but not hurting! And it Itches
I really prefer not to have a Rotten black mass on my leg?
I do not believe that is very attractive nor would
it be too comfortable!!!!
Yes I am finding humor in this situation SERIOUSLY
That little *%#@* best be glad I can't find it cause it would be 
squashed beyond all SQUASHES it would be SPLATTERED
How dare a Spider bite into my busy life
The worst part is I do not know when it happened if I was
outside or inside??

On to better topics
I happened to be the first to reply

And I won a magazine
Oh I love to browse through magazines
Thank you Brenda!

Now I am sorry for the confusion I told you there would be a twist on
my giveaways this month

The Crow and Candy Corn giveaway is Here
And it ends on the 15th of this month

And the Santa Pocket giveaway is Here
And it ends on the 20th of this month

And just a HEADS up next week I will put another one up that will end 
later in the month!! so put on those thinking caps, take a stroll back though
the posts and make sure you got your entry into both of these giveaways
I would love to lift the moderation on my comments, but it seems some
*@##* keeps leaving bad link comments when I do that 
and not just on the latest post they travel back and do it on many
ok I need to get a grip, drink my coffee, and start this morning all over again!
Hope yours is going better then mine


  1. I had to moderate my comments for the same reason, Bren. Take care of that bite. It could be a scorpion if only one sting mark. They do leave a lot of swelling behind. Sorry I'm not participating in your Giveaways but I will link this up on my blog. We'll be leaving Sunday for a while.

  2. Oh no I think that *%#@&it* that bit you traveled here to see me.........I have that or something similiar on my arm this AM.......but thinking more poison ivy in my case...grrrrrrrrrr........OMG if its a bug travel to visit me and NOT YOU I'mm gonna be mad!!!!!!! I need to send u an email to catch up just soooooooo busy!

  3. I had a similar bite a few weeks ago. I thought it was a bruise from the dog, but it looked very similar to yours and itched like crazy. I watched it to make sure I didn't have any lines going from it as a sign of a toxin in my veins, but it was fine and went away on its own. My whole body is white as a ghost, lol.

  4. Your bite looks like a tick bite that may transmit Lyme disease.

    Our daughter has chronic Lyme and it has had a huge negative impact on her health.

    Most regular Drs. do not know enough about Lyme disease, but please go to Dr. and get some antibiotics as the quicker it is treated the better chances of getting rid of the infection.

    Usually Doxycycline is given. But you need to be treated before it becomes chronic. Most Drs. do not believe in Chronic Lyme let alone Lyme.

    I do not mean to alarm you, but it is very, very important to get treated now.

    Good luck, Janie

    Your bite sure looks like a tick bite. I hope you can get to the Dr. and please gets antibiotics.

  5. Oh no, keep an eye on it Hun! My dad was in the hospital for a bite he sustained at work, darn insects! I'm hoping yours clears up on its own.

  6. You'd better get checked for Lyme Disease..(may be too early)..Could very well be a tick bite...

  7. Your bite looks like a bullseye pattern possible indication of tick, plz see your doc. Hope it heals quickly.

  8. Brenda looks like a spider bite. Don't know what kind of spiders you have in your area but one ( brown recluse) can make you very sick. Please go to the Dr. and have it checked. If you google images of spider bites you will see some not very nice images. They are nothing to mess with. Please take care.


  9. So Sorry to hear about your bite, Brenda! Doesn't look too good. I'm with the others, at first when I seen the picture I thought it was a tick bite. That's a perfect bullseye shape. Don't mean to alarm you. I think you should get checked out to be on the safe side! Take Care! And I hope you have a better day!

  10. Brenda - That is the classic indication of a TICK prevent lime disease, which my daughter-in-law had (and it's NO fun) had better got the doc quick to get an antibiotic. Look up lime isn't pretty and can be with you the rest of your life.

  11. I know you SO love doctors Miss Brenda, but truly, it could be either a tick or a nasty spider (do you have brown recluses there???) so I'd err on the side of caution and see what a professional has to say.... Just saying....not that you asked for a crow's opinion.... ;o Hope your restart was much more pleasant than the original....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Wow Brenda, something really did a number on you for sure! I think I would have it checked out just for peace of mind! Congratulations on your win!

  13. I was thinking a tick bite too. Have it checked please.
    Take care Brenda!!

  14. As a sufferer of Lyme, I would have that checked, if you treat it now and for a month, you should be able to keep any lyme symptoms away if it was a tick.


  15. Are you scared yet? My FIL had Lyme disease and it has affected him still to this day. Hope you have had it looked at by now. I have had some doosies on my comments before. Sorry to hear. Take care and have a great weekend. -Steph-

  16. Honestly, that sure doesn't look good! Hope you took all the good advise and went to see the doc. Always something, isn't there? Hope all goes well!

  17. Hi Brenda, oh my goodness that looks nasty and sore,darn bugs, better get that looked after. Just sit back,enjoy your coffee and read your new magazine,Blessings Francine.

  18. Be careful a bite can get serious!! Love all your creations!!

  19. that is a nasty bite. i've been there and done that and it ain't no fun. hope it gets better soon. denise

  20. You always just gotta do it right? Show us those things that make our nose crinkle,eyes squint and our mouths say Oh my goodness.This too shall pass but I'm sorry you had to deal with it.Heal quickly.Hugs!~Amy

  21. I do hope your bite improves and no more itchies.

  22. Oh goodness! I hope it heals ASAP.

    My hubby got bit on his side of his stomach by a spider at work. It was the strangest wound we'd ever encountered. After awhile his skin took on a web look it was really odd, I can't even describe it. (I really wish I had taken pictures! haha) Then eventually it all healed correctly, but it took forever, he never went to the Dr. He still has scars from the bite marks.

  23. YIKES! OMG! Brenda... I disappear for a couple of days, and this is what I see, ICK! and OH MY! I so hope it is getting better! I see I am missing many giveaways my generous friend!!! Off to enter! OLM

  24. Hope your bite clears real quick like!
    Be blessed,

  25. Maybe whatever bit you...also has it in for your blog! It may be a conspiracy!!!! I hope your feeling better! Baby K swells up like crazy whenever he's bitten by something. My poor's going to give her a coronary yet! She's sure he's going to pass out cold when she see's this! Katie

  26. Brenda please get that checked out.
    My sil had a bite like that on her thumb.
    She needed medical attention.
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

  27. Hi, my brother also has lyme it has changed his life so much. Please just get it checked to make sure it's not that. Also the 1st test they do may come up neg. there is another test they can do ask for it.

    Thanks for leting me enter your giveway but most important get that checked. Thanks


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