Friday, July 6, 2012

Everything cause I can! last day SIGN up

Like that title, pretty well sums up this post *smile*

Lot's of Pictures, Lot's of topics!

Last Day to Sign up for my First prize of July

My huge Sweet Potato vines have moved seems something got into
them yes they were larger!! UGH.........SOMETHING!! broke several of the stems
And almost killed it! But I brought it back and since have moved it
And gotten several cuttings off of it to plant in other places!

Shelby Needing a haircut........if you look above her eye
She has the longest black lashes!! And check out that dirty face!
They get under my deck and dig!

Rango saying Mommy it is hot out here let's go inside!

Did a Swap with Amy of Bumble Bee Lane
Yummy smelling tarts and sweet little crows!

Got a Sweet Card yesterday for my Birthday from
Thank you Linda put a smile on my Face!!!

Been working on orders and also New Items
This Annie will be decked out for Fall Her hair will be great when
stiffened and spread out!!

And last but not least

Miss Vada

Isn't she lovely

Be sure to come back tomorrow and see who won and I will be adding another
giveaway it will be a short one!!!!!

For those that have asked about my brother, he is home from the hospital and doing 
great, thank you

Do you use stat counter on your blog? I love being able to see where traffic is coming from
The places visitors are from! 

Hope you are enjoying your Summer


  1. Hello Brenda, Let me tell you Miss Vada is precious. Just a bundle of hugs and kisses. Sure do Miss Darbee Rae being that small. Enjoy her because she will be growing up so fast. Great swap items and your doll looks great. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool

  2. Those doggies of yours are so cute. A good haircut will feel so cool in this hot weather. I wonder what got into your Sweet Potatoe......What a fun swap. The fall things are fun to look at. Makes me excited for it. Linda is so thoughtful. Annie is looking good. Can't wait to see her all done. Vada is so darling. What fun. I miss those cute little babies of mine. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love these kind of catch up posts! I especially love the reminder about the giveaway because duh, I forgot. This old age stuff is not fun! LOL Vada is precious! Would love to look at pictures of her all day long. Your pups are cute too and oh to have those eyelashes right? Love the Annie! Have a great Friday,
    Be blessed,

  4. What a sweet baby girl! Lucyndoesnt like the heat either. She lays spread eagle on the cool tile floor!

  5. Lots going on Brenda. TFS your lovely pictures and especially that sweet grand baby! Hope you are staying where it's cool ;-)

  6. Hello Brenda! Oh My Miss Vada is Adorable! So precious for sure!
    And Rango and Shelby are adorable too! What sweet faces!
    Wonderful Swap items...and I LOVE your new doll. So Sweet!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Vada is adorable...You can't kill a potato vine!! Have a great weekend..stay cool..

  8. Oh sweet baby and toes. Nothing sweeter than babies. OH JOY!
    And your doggie is soo cute. Lovin your Annie and swap goodies.
    Have a great day. Stay cool.

  9. Enjoyed your photos and I always love seeing my pups, you have gotten me wanting a puppy, lol. Vada is just adorable.


  10. So much adorableness! Miss Vada is already a heart again for swapping with me.I love my goodies but they were for gifts.At least I got one back from Robin.LoL..All my new flowers I planted this year died even with my best efforts to water.Just tooo HOT. Hugs!~Amy

  11. What a cute baby. Get you some kisses. Your dog looking right into the camera, too funny. I like potato vines, they really grow well. Smiles, Susie

  12. Hi Brenda: I would like to place an order for Miss Vada. She is just beautiful!!!!! Thanks for the sweet pics!


  13. Hi Brenda, oh she is a sweety, cute pictures. Love the swap goodies, the dogs are also to cute. Blerssings Francine.

  14. Hi Brenda~

    Love seeing those furbabies.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  15. Are sure the answer to who got into your sweet potato vines isn't the darling photo right below it with the "come hither" lashes??? ;o) Great photos my friend. Fun swapping with Amy - ahhhh, my thoughts have turned to fall too (for shame!) and your Annie is looking precious. But gotta say, Miss Vada steals the show....I just wanna blow bubbles on her tummy and listen to her giggle.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. i would love to win your giveaway! it is just too cute!Miss Vada isa little doll. glad tp hear your brother is doing better.keep cool! denise

  17. Look at Princess Vada...she is so precious! And your puppies always looks so sweet. I love the Annie doll you're making, too! Enjoy the weekend my friend. Warm hugs!

  18. Both Miss Vada and Annie are adorable!



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