Friday, May 25, 2012


Well I missed I can not believe I missed it!

This is #503
That is right I have posted that many times on my Blog

And I just noticed there have been 6,873 comments made on my blog

Wow THANK you ALL so much

Remember to check out my Etsy shop the Tucks will only
be on sale until the 31st
some have purchased and asked me to hang on to them
so I will combine shipping on purchases from my sale in a couple of weeks
You may want to check it out after reading the rest of this LOL

In the sidebar you will see the envelope to click and sign up for this
sale..........there will be OOAK items, and I will not be adding the items 
to etsy until after the sale is over, also they will cost less on the sale

And now I give you the announcer of the reason for this post

So to Celebrate the Holiday Weekend
To Celebrate her blabbering on this blog and 
spending way too much time with ya'll instead of me and my mom
To Celebrate so many wonderful comments, yes she loves your comments!

The First 20 (OK I am at 21, keep them coming and I may give away another one) so don't stop commenting on this post today
their names will be thrown in a Bucket
There will be 3 winners, each winner will get one of the 
Flag tucks

Oh yeah she will announce the three winners tomorrow!!
Now please go check out the Etsy Sale
By the way if you purchase Three or more Tucks you get a free one!!

Thank you for being so Supportive of my Mommy 


  1. Congratulations on all your posts and comments! Wow, that's alot! How exciting! Rango is adorable whether she is dirty or clean. Lol! Can't believe she is going to be one already! Happy Memorial Day, Brenda. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wow've been busy! Hope you take a rest and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
    Country Blessings~

  3. I think Rango looks absolutely wonderful & what a good helper too!

  4. Have a happy birthday on the 31th Rango, so sweet of your Mom to post a giveaway for your birthday. I like your name.

  5. Wow that's amazing numbers! So little Rango is no longer a puppy but a full fledged doggie! Where does the time go?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Wow that is a lot of posting Brenda!! That is awesome!! Best of luck with your sales and hope you enjoy your Memorial weekend!!

  7. Aw Man, I thought Rango was going to raffle herself! J/K!! Congrtats on all of the posts/comments! Sign me up, Ms. Brenda! Can't wait to see what kind of sale you're having!!

  8. Congrats.......I've been slacking with my blog:( Happy Birthday Rango!

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Rango!!! And congrats on the success of the blog with so many posts and comments!!

  10. Oh fun!!! Congrats on all the comments and posts!

    Happy Birthday Rango!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. Happy Birthday Rango! And continued success to you Brenda!

  12. Oh how sneaky!!! God Bless =}

  13. Congrats on all your posts and a Happy Birthday to Rango. What a fun
    idea on the giveaway.
    Country at heart

  14. Poor Rango,lol!Happy happy birthday to Rango!Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!Big hugs michelle

  15. You make such pretty things - I hope I get entered

  16. Congrats! Love reading your blog! Big Happy Birthday to Rango. Still looks too too cute, dirty or not!
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  17. Love your pin tucks, I need to make some bowl fillers, just too lazy this week.


  18. Oooooeeee! You never cease to amaze me with your generosity and creative ways of making things fun.... Love it! Those photos of Rango are ADORABLE!! Love her bandana!!! Happy, happy, Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Congrats on 500+ posts!!)

  19. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend and don't be too hard on Rango. Such a cutie and I'd take him in a heartbeat,even with a little dirt.

  20. Congrats on your posts and comments! I enjoy stopping by!! Happy Birthday! Jack turned 5 today :D

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Yeah, what fun!!?? I would love to be entered into your generous giveaway. Love all of your creations! Blessings for a wonderful weekend. ~Sara

  22. Wow thats alot of post, dog is adorable mud and all, please enter me luv the flag

  23. Hi Rango, You should have a bone. How patient do dogs have to be when our mums are busy.

  24. Congrats on a blogging milestone!! Rango is adorable all full of dirt~that just means the little cutie had a great day playing in the dirt. Happy Birthday to sweet Rango.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  25. Congrats!!! Love your adorable baby..:)


  26. I'm too slow and spent too much time eating dinner! But I'll go look at Etsy again! I sure love my tucks...they are cute in any arrangement! Hugs!

  27. Congrats to you sweet friend!!! May the posts and comments keep coming. Love reading them. Your sweet baby is soooo cute!


    1. Okay brenda and rango this is not easy. Posting on a 7in.tablet riding down the interstate with the mister driving. rango on his birthday and to you on the success of your blog. Have a wonderful and safe weekend

  28. Well you said to keep commenting so I am...just sneaking in under the wire? If I am too late that is fine!

    Be blessed!

  29. Lucy says happy Birthday Rangoon!

  30. I think I like her dirty Brenda! She looks like she has so much fun getting that way.LOL
    Please enter me if it's not too late. Hugs, Valerie

  31. Wow time really flies. I can't believe your mommy has had so many posts Rango. Here is another comment for you. Hope I am not too late. You look adorable by the way.

    Enjoy that bone,

  32. Good Luck to the late nite Blessings~Amy

  33. Oh the excitement! Congratulations! I need to check my stats too. I couldn't resist your tucks any longer so you've got an order from me too :o) I do have to come to Rango's defense though. She looks so cute in her prim scarf, and she just wants to be a puppy and play... LOL.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to y'all!

  34. Can't believe I missed this one! Unfortunately, was in the ER all night with my 6 year old, 104 fever....has both bacterial and viral infections, poor thing :(
    Good for the girls who got in on time! Congrats on all the comments! and Rango is way too cute, who can get mad at a face like that!!

  35. I have always gotten the newsletter in the past but I have a bad feeling that I missed the sale. We just got to Florida and I thought I would have heard about it in my email by now. It was a long tiring trip but we're glad to be home! Hope you've had a good weekend! Let me know if I should sign up for the newsletter...for the next sale! Hugs!


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