Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Day, I am Tuckered out

Good Morning, get it Tuckered LOL 
I listed my other tucks in my Etsy Shop
This month is almost over with WOW time is flying by this year
so to get some tucks at a Special Sale price remember the sale ends the last day of May, if you do not do etsy, you can contact me via my email link in my sidebar
If it does not work for you, please leave a comment with your contact info in it.

Oh Life is Good!! no it is GREAT!
I could not help but to laugh at my own self last night after my day yesterday

I am proud to announce that I have gathered up all of my supplies for my projects
I am working on today. Thought that may be a good idea, so I would not totally loose my mind LOL

I am working so some of the Sweetest, HUGE hanging Uncle Sams
Painted flags on canvas on Big sticks
many many Americana items for my June sale, as well as everyday things
and a few Fall items too, who knows a snowman may join in on the action!

So if you have not yet signed up for my sale through my email, please do so
the more the merrier and the more Giveaways I offer
Just add Sale to the subject line, so I will put your email on the list
Otherwise I will not be announcing the sale link to others, only those on the list.

I do have to say after yesterdays comments and emails, Thank you
you are the BEST, always so supportive or in this case, it was great to know
I am not the only creative mind that gets lost now and then 
Have a Beautiful day, the sun is shining here, and I have items outside drying on 
my deck, may have to go watch them awhile and soak in some Nature!


  1. Good to know all is going well so far for you today Brenda.


  2. Brenda just loving the tucks and could you please add me to your sale list.. Hugs X

  3. Love all your tucks Brenda! I am so glad you are off to a good start today. Take some of your work to the deck and soak in some nature!!

  4. I love how all of the pillows look in a setting. I need to make some basket and bowl fillers, need to do a lot things, need to get motivated, lol.


  5. I'm glad you are feeling better today...and loved! I just went to look at tucks again...the flag sure is cute! They are all really great, my friend! How talented you are. Get that sale ready! I can't wait!

  6. Oh...I wish I had seen the daises before I ordered the pillows...SO cute..Sounds like you've had a rough couple of days..So glad you found the skewers..LOL...

  7. On closer inspection I guess the tuck is a sunflower tuck..Love it..Missy

  8. I love all of your new goodies. Happy creating~ Sara

  9. I would lose my head if it wasn't attached:) Glad to hear you are human. Your tucks look so awesome. The flag one is to die for. You are always such an inspiration. You sound so busy. Can't wait to see it all. -Steph-

  10. Evening Brenda!!!
    Love the tucks!!! I'll have to jump on over to Etsy ~ I see one I might need!
    Glad to hear your enjoyed your day!
    I love to be outside when it's nice and work on my creations!
    I think I signed up for your sale
    list ~ If I didn't would you please add me ~ greatly appreciated!
    Hope tomorrow is a good day for you and we will find you outside being creative!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Love all the pillow tucks that you have been making!!

  12. Love them all can not wait to see the uncle sams hope you have a wonderful safe holiday weekend!

  13. It is marvellous what a new day can bring. I hope you get done what you expect.

  14. You must be very busy with all those Tucks..They are very cute..Can't wait to find a home for mine...

  15. Love your tucks Brenda. Glad you're having a better day.


  16. Oh - these tucks are adorable Brenda....! One is just as stinkin' cute as the next!!! I'm definitely in trouble now. And did someone say huge Uncle Sam's???? Flags??? Have mercy.... ;o) Robin


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