Saturday, May 5, 2012

The girls got Hair Cuts and Our Saturday outing

My little Dust Mops 
If you look at Rango's Side she has already picked up something
in her fur to carry into the house!!

And Shelby is such a pretty color when she is groomed

Yes they both feel so much better, it has been extremely warm in Okla.
Now I just have to watch how long I leave them out, or they will both sunburn

Shortly before noon today Hubby took us for a ride
He wanted us to see something and took us for a Hamburger

In Oklahoma is a river called Blue River
The following description is from The Travel Oklahoma site

Beginning near Connerville in Johnston County, the Blue River flows southeast to the Red River.  This spring-fed river has a designated trout area in the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area. Other fishing opportunities exist for black bass, crappie, as well as channel and blue catfish. Camping facilities are available only at the Blue River Campground. Float trip opportunities by kayak are available on this Class II-III river, offering several falls and ledges, dependent on seasonal waterfall. No commercial outfitters along the river are allowed and public access points are limited.

I was standing on rocks that went out over the water

We went to a public access area and had to hike a trail down to
the water, yes dogs on leashes and me in *sigh* Flip Flops*
Good thing I had some bug spray in the pickup
This area is not far from us, It is amazing right before you get
there how the landscape changes form.

Fields are full of HUGE Rocks Boulders!! and the ground is 
real sandy, looked as though it was a good snake haven to me!

The water is is pretty and you can hear the falls around you
we could not hike down to them due to me not being in the proper
attire as well as the dogs. The trails by the river are grown up
If you see all of the dead tress in these photos, it appears that
this area has had some wildfires, probably in the last year or two

Standing in the same place but looking back the other direction
This was the bridge we crossed to get where we were

there was a waterfall directly below this area so close!
shame we could not get down to it
It was peaceful and beautiful here
On the trail down to the water were little wild flowers
here and there growing up in charred areas

When we drove back over the bridge on the other side
*the side we should of went to!*
There were these falls in the distance
Hubby stopped on the bridge for me to get a picture

this last picture I got off of the Travel Ok website
Isn't is breathtaking oh my
They say there are falls everywhere on this river
We plan on going back and exploring sometime

Hope you are having a Beautiful Weekend


  1. Hello there friend!
    The pictures of your outing are beautiful-TFS with us, and I'd be the same way, in "flip-flops" and wouldn't be on the trail. Might be a good thing, cause I don't like snakes at all...............not sure how fast this old fat body could run and I'm happy to not find out! ;-)
    The girls look so pretty. Now if they'd only act like ladies and not get all dirty. lol
    Glad you had a nice outing with your hubs.
    Have a great night.

  2. The girls look lake looks like a nice place to explore if you are in proper shoes.LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. It is getting cold where I live now and It makes me feel for the dogs, although I know it is getting towards summer in your neck of the woods.
    Beautiful pictures.

  4. You had a great day! Next time put some shoes in the car just in case!

  5. Hi Sweetie...
    Oh my what a gorgeous share today. I love seeing the little faces of sweet Rango and Shelby. How precious they are. (Makes me miss my sweet Bischen. She has been gone for many years now, but she was silver, much like you Shelby.) They are such talkers, schnauzers are, I love that most about the breed. Such personality.

    Thank you for taking me to the river. It is so beautiful. Loved seeing the falls. I imagine the sound is serene and peaceful. Enjoyed seeing the pretty wildflower as well. Beauty in many places in Oklahoma. Such a gorgeous place to be.

    Thank you for sharing dear friend. Have a glorious Sunday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Don't the pups look wonderful with their new Do's.
    Beautiful place to go for a walk, hopefully you can get back when you have real shoes on, lol.


  7. Love the girls new hair cuts...they look so cute!!
    What a beautiful place to go walking and exploring at!!

  8. Your puppies look so cute with their new "do's" lol.
    Love the pictures, just beautiful blessings from God!
    Be blessed!

  9. Snakes and snappin' turtles I'll bet. Better enter there the next time with your hip waders on. This looks like a lake down the road from us.
    Ahh the babes look so pretty.

  10. What a beautiful place, so serene. It is nice to go exploring new places.
    Your doggies look so dapper in their new hairdos.
    Have a nice weekend
    Country at heart

  11. hi, Brenda~
    the girls look pretty with their new do's~
    Wonderful photos~just beautiful~
    thanks for sharing~

  12. Good Morning Brenda. The girls look adorable with their new haircuts!
    What a Beautiful place. Looks so Peaceful. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. Mi piace il cane!!buona domenica....ciao

  14. What a beautiful place! I used to live on the Red River in TX...years ago! Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

  15. Brenda
    The pups are so adorable with their new do's!!!
    Thanks so much for taking us along on your outing ~ So Beautiful!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Prim Blessings

  16. Rango and Shelby look so cute and clean. Rango has that look in her eye though. She looks like she is ready for mischief. Those wild flowers are lovely. Great pics.

  17. What a fun outing!! Wish my husband would be more "adventurous" in that regard....Looks like a beautiful place to explore - everything is so lush and full already - but that's right, you said you're having nice warm weather. We're in the middle of monsoon season....and still on the chilly side. The girls are adorable....our little Shih Tzu needs a good trim, but I was hoping it would warm up a tad. He's such a sissy when it comes to going outside after being trimmed.... Happy, happy, Sunday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  18. Thanks for sharing your lovely outing. Your girls look so cute with their new hair cuts. We have 3 Schnauzers that also got their summer haircuts.

  19. everything is so beautiful, but at the top of my list are Shelby and Rango the devil dog! She is bringing so much life to your home and trying to keep her Mommy young, too. I bet they love being groomed. We used to have a small samoyed and she loved getting her summer cut. Her name was Miss Audrey and she was killed by a truck that went out of its way to hit her. It was a sad day indeed. Our pets become our family, don't they?
    Give them a hug for me....

  20. Loved seeing all the in Oklahoma all of my life many a summer was spent camping at Blue River. We played in the falls and caught fish and cooked them over the campfire. Thanks for the wonderful post took me back to my childhood :)

  21. Wow, such beautiful photos. The haircuts are great they will be nice and cool for summer. Please stop by soon for a visit.

  22. Now me being the nature one, I would have trekked to the falls...except if I had seen a snake, that would have done me in. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. Take care, Jance

  23. My brother Paul is an artist and his web site is called I built it for him. He is a landscape artist mostly and has some beautiful paintings of Blue River.. Thought I would say hello and let you know we live in Ada........


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