Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wool Pears And someone stop the Wind

Wool Pears made out of a vintage wool blanket
With leaves from a vintage Army wool blanket

Well what a Day
As I sit and watch out my window at the trees whipping about
I find myself thinking of my Dad
He never did like windy days and for some reason
The older I get I find myself not liking them either

I had to make a much dreaded trip in that wind today 
to visit my CPA Gee am I ever glad that is behind me

With these conditions the Fire danger is horrible
So I came home and passed some pump trucks
worrying about which direction they had been to since
they were only a few blocks from home.
We have been through one of Southern Oklahoma's Wildfires 
I wish I still had the pictures
That was March 1 2006, we saved our home
Many lost theirs, the National forestry folks camped out in
our tiny town at the little fire department we had
Our land was charred right up to the edge of our home on all sides!

It was scary to watch as a huge plane overhead was dumping on the
fires to try to get them under control
Helicopters with buckets and, oilfield tankers sitting along the highway 
to fill the pump trucks up
thousands of acres were burnt
The highway patrol kept telling us to evacuate
all of the fire trucks were fighting actual structure fires
That night it looked like a war zone there were spots everywhere
from hot spots still burning down
Animals walking freely about from people cutting fences
to save cattle and horses
And we had more people driving through just to see the
devastation, something I never want to see again

Ok enough of me remembering a bad time
I am working frantically trying to catch up on my orders
Have a great evening


  1. Wow! That was scarey.
    I'm glad you don't have that to be scared about now......

  2. Love your pears. We never know what you're going to be making next. Windy here in Illinois too.

  3. your pears are lovely, I like them so much.
    I hope you never have to fear wild fires again, how sacry.

  4. I made one wool pear, need to make some more to fill up a bowl.


  5. Dear Brenda:
    That has to be the worst, fire.
    I'm scared to death of it. We had one in our bedroom once. And wind, oh ~ that's what caused the trees to come down last October. I don't blame you for not liking the wind.

  6. Brenda, I Love your pears ~ they turned out great!
    It was windy here too ~ I'm not fond of the wind either.
    Hope you never have to live through another wild fire.
    How scary.
    Prim Blessings

  7. Brenda love the pears!Hate hearing the wind.Hugs,Jen

  8. Love your wool pears.
    How scarey.
    Hugs Trace


  9. Fire and wind are not a good combo.
    Love those pears, especially that you made them from an old wool blanket.

  10. Lovely pears and display Brenda! I really like the simplicity of them.
    Most every day we have windy conditions, some worse than others. Believe me when it's a non windy day everyone notices!

  11. Love how your pears turned out Brenda. Windy day here today also! Suppose to get up to 53 and rain.
    Enjoy your day!!


  12. I can see how the wind could put you into and anxiety attack. Hopefully it stops soon. Iove the pears. Can't wait to have some real one's on my trees. -Steph-

  13. Wow, that must have been very scary!! It very windy and raining here today. It's okay though because it's melting the snow! YAY for spring!!

  14. Love the pears! sorry to hear about the wind.


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