Friday, March 2, 2012

New Items and Specials

I have been working on orders today
Many orders!!
In the process I finished up this Daisy Arrangement
I have about a dozen of these old Snuff jars

And well my kitchen looks like a garden with 
Daisies and Sunflowers all over it drying!

This turned out so sweet and would be a great 
addition to your spring Primitive, country, cottage, or cabin decor
They can be found *Here in my etsy Shop

Also this month I have started running a monthly special
every month I will select a couple of items to 
sell at a discounted price until 6 of them have sold and
then they will be repriced at regular pricing
This month one of those items is a new rabbit
He is a Chestnut Junction design 

for my second special since I have so many of these
started and in great colors from quilt quality cottons

Don't forget to scroll down a couple of posts and sign up for my 
new March Giveaway
My weekend will be a busy one SEWING
Hope you have a great weekend


  1. Brenda:
    I love the daisies, and the grungy bunny with the carrot made me smile a long time.
    Oh, your link is broken, the one that says HERE for your Etsy.
    I clicked it twice to make sure it wasn't me.

  2. Oh girl, daisies are my favorite, those are beautiful! If my kitchen looked like a field of daisies, I would never sell them, lol. They are so adorable in the old snuff jars! Very cute rabbits too!

    This will be a good weekend to stay inside and sew, it's gonna get down to the 50's and then back up to high 60's and 70's next week. I've already decided I'll be staying in and working around the house then next week I'll get outside and work in the yard some... finally.

    Happy Sewing~

  3. Hey Brenda, it might just be me, but when I click on your etsy links in this post, it takes me to an error. But when I click on your etsy shop, it takes me right to your shop. So I tried the links in the post again, and still getting an error page. You might want to check and see if you are getting it too? Like I said... it could very well be me =/

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Your daisies are so cute! The sunflowers are my favorite!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed on your giveaway.
    Your bunnies are adorable! I wish they were in lavender and pink-I would buy them in a heartbeat for my bedroom.
    I have a soft spot for bunnies.
    Have a great weekend, my talented friend.

  5. Love the daisies. You have wonderful goodies in your Etsy shop, too!
    Have fun sewing this weekend!

  6. how adorable are those! & a great price too, love the etsy shop!

  7. Brenda-Please describe the snuff jar for me. Is it brown pottery? It is difficult to tell on your Etsy page.
    I would love to order one if I can know what the jar is made of.....

  8. Okay Brenda, it's working now! =]

  9. Hi Brenda:

    I love the daisies in the snuff jar. Wonderful springtime decor. In my opinion, you can never have enough daisies or sunflowers.


  10. Love the daisies in the snuff jar - and that prim bunny is too stinking cute! Why do I find it so hard to resist bunnies??? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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