Friday, March 16, 2012

The extreme we will go to for a photo

Good evening well I took some time off!!
My son and DIL came to visit and it was so sweet
to spend some time with them
my son is still here, my DIL went to visit
her family. So now I am sitting with my son's dog 
The hubby and the son went out fishing in his boat 
*oh my Shelby has been a basket case today*
she has snapped at him many times and is none too
happy if he gets close to me, she has been down right 
mean and tacky.
He is the sweetest dog so quiet and content
And he is a Yellow Lab and a pup at that!
This is Goose he is 14 weeks old and already weighs
30 pounds this is going to be one massive Dog!

Shelby won't even go to sleep it is like she
is going to miss something if she closes her eyes
Rango on the other hand could care less!! LOL

For three years now I have attempted so many times to capture
a photo of the roadrunners that come back here every year
there are two of them in fact one year there was even a little one

so I know it is not great but..................

this is a Huge bird up high in a tree and yes this is zoomed 
and even cropped 

A few weeks ago, hubby had me go outside
you could hear a LOUD cooing sound like
a BIG dove but louder then a dove
This Roadrunner has been hanging out in trees up high
and making this noise for awhile now

I read that they travel with their mate and always go 
back to the general area every year
We are wondering since we have only seen the one
if something has happened to it's mate and if this is 
the reason it is high in trees and calling out
In hopes that the mate will show up?

Roadrunners are not easy to get pictures of 
They move fast and will not let you get very close
I was so close to this tree, he turned and flew
I am determined to figure out how to get a 
good picture of them this year!
Have a great weekend


  1. That's one beautiful lab, can tell he's gonna be a monster by the size of his paws - wow! Thx for sharing the roadrunner, very cool.

  2. Very cute roadrunner ...just dont think like Wylie Coyote or you will never get close lol That pup is so sweet ...and well Ms Shelby just doing her job family as protector ! Have a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. It is hard to get photos of birds who do not want to be close, but he came out pretty good. What do you use for software? With photoshop, I have to lighten a lot of photos.


  4. Goose sure is a handsome guy!!!
    I've never seen a roadrunner other than the cartoon. How exciting to get to see this bird.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Enjoy some time with your son and DL.
    Prim Blessings

  5. How exciting to have your son and DIL for a visit, oh and Goose too! I'm sure Shelby is keeping a real close eye on him too.
    A roadrunner! I've never seen one either, don't know a think about them and never suspected that they would be in a tree. My image is the one on the cartoon-oh such a shallow life.
    Interesting though!
    Have a great weekend.
    hugz and blessings,

  6. Cute pup!
    I've never seen on of the birds either, sure must be a rare thing!
    Hope your weekend is terrific!

  7. Good Morning Brenda- Goose is an adorable pup! And big at that, Lol!
    I have never seen a Roadrunner before. How awesome to be able to capture a picture of him. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Happy St. Patty's day!!!


  8. Good to have your family visit.I know they all live so far.The pup just adorable.Poor Shelby probly doesn't realize he is just a baby since he is so big.Neat bird pic.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Isn't it funny how jealous dogs can get. My sister has a Springer Spaniel. Whenever we visit..and my sis is paying attention to Kaden...Orion heads over to me and does nothing short of crawling in my lap for attention. It's like he's saying...My Mom is paying attention to your you need to love on me!!

  10. I can see that road runner fine :o) It's fun watching the birds.
    Son has a pretty yellow lab. Competition for Shelby, 'cause you belong to her L0L. I'm glad to hear you took some time off.

  11. Goose is so adorable!!
    Great photo of the road runner!!
    How fun that family came to visit...hope you all have a great time together!!

  12. Glad you got to enjoy some time with your son and DIL. Goose is funny that Shelby is not being hospitable to her guests!!!

  13. That was a good picture.Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  14. sounds like Shelby is a bit territorial/protective of her home and family. That is just fine. It always takes a little time getting used to a new face. I'm smiling thinking of how Goose may have acquired his name. ;) We have known several big Labs and pictures come to mind.
    If the road runner is like the Canadian Goose, they mate for life and he/she is looking for their mate or mourning for it. They are very social animals and need their life mate. We've known solo geese to gather together with others who have lost a mate,staying in pairs even though they won't hatch any eggs. It is a sad but beautiful thing. Of course, your bird could also just be nuts! We had a robin a few years ago that flew into our east window over and over all day long and continued to do so for the whole summer. We put out an owl--no good. We tried rubber snakes--no good. We tried moth cakes--no good. We think he saw his reflection and hated what he saw. Lucky for us, it was only in daylight and only one season!
    Good luck with your wailing roadrunner!
    BTW~Goose looks comfy despite Shelby's outcry. He is a beauty!

  15. I love labs. We used to have a black one and he was so dear to my heart. We have never had another dog since. He is just to hard to replace. I love the roadrunner. It must be so big. I can tell. Glad you took some time off to spend with your son. -Steph-

  16. Thanks for sharing the pic of the roadrunner. I did not realize they were that big. We have swans over here by our mighty river. They also mate for life. Last year one of the males came back without his mate. It was sad. We can tell the sex by the size. Males are muh bigger. Goose is a cute! Take care, Janice

  17. Good for you in taking some time off, I hope you all had a wonderful time!

    Goose is so cute, he is gonna be a big dog one day. Poor Shelby, I hope she has settled down.

    I think that's a great picture of the roadrunner! I hope the mate returns and you are able to get more pictures.

    Have a wonderful week, lots of rain coming in here this week... stay dry~

  18. Brenda - I am soooo glad you found me! I am having a ball over here reading your posts!!!

    Last week my cat and I had all of the windows open and we kept hearing a "snapping" sound outside. Well - he jumps up and runs to the screen door and I jumped up and ran to the kitchen window! There was a roadrunner RIGHT OUT SIDE cracking snails!!! I didn't know about the mates, so I wonder where his was?!

    So glad to "meet" you - I'm going to keep stalking your blog, m'kay? ;-D


  19. Doing a little catch-up here - and I promise I won't flood your inbox with overdue comments on past posts - but had to stop here and tell you how very glad I am to read that you got to spend some time with your son. I know how you miss them so and don't get to see them much....hope you had a good, long, visit.... (And love the photo of the roadrunner....I don't believe I've ever seen a real one either!) Smiles & Overdue Hugs ~ Robin


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