Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buzzing Along

Good morning Peeps
Well I certainly have been missing in action from my blog
and From the social online world as we know it
I apologize to the PAFA team this week for missing
my Monday Merchant Circle post

My Fur Babies oh how I love them no matter how
much they may annoy me at times
Seems with the warmer weather they go outside
stand at the door wanting back inside
To only turn around and want right back outside again!

My Allergies are really in bad shape this year
and yes partially due to them
But I love them so and could not bear to part with them
So I have resorted to taking a Claritin everyday?
Laryngitis yes I still sound like I have a spoon full of rocks
in my mouth when I talk, that too shall pass I HOPE!

I have been working on orders and Why look!! I am 
confused on the seasons, actually not, I have several
fall and winter orders going as well for shop owners!

And I have been planning out the transformation of my
storage building into a Studio
On Facebook there is a page called
craft room inspiration oh the pictures are dreamy!
this is one of them

My building is a 10 by 20 so there won't be a large amount of space
No natural light only two small windows, one will hold my air conditioner
So I will brighten it up with light colors
I am waiting for garage sale season to kick off
With hopes of finding items to use for storage solution
As well as many lamps!

Another picture from the page

I want a center work table that my bar stools will sit at
so I can utilize the space underneath it as well
And from there to build around the walls with work areas
and many shelves lots of baskets and bins to hold supplies
I am going to wrap my fabric on cardboard sleeves
like they come on bolts, there are wonderful
ways to create more space within a small area

I want A ladder suspended from the ceiling to hang things

I have along way to go though my building is currently full 
of tools and everything else you can think of
And once emptied it will be a blank canvas just waiting for my
creative touch. I have to insulate it and find a cheap solution for the walls
and ceiling, the less I spend the better
and I will share from beginning to end
I have to find a way to do all of this while still sewing up orders
All in a days work I suppose, I do love my job

Have a Wonderful Day


  1. Can't believe how the little one has grown! You are a good fur baby Mamma, Brenda. Hope your allergies subside. Thanks for the link to the craft room page-LOVE looking at other people's creative space-even if it's just a dining room table, it's still awesome to me. Can't wait to see how your new space transpires! ~*~Lisa

  2. This sounds wonderful, Brenda, and no one deserves their own crafting space like you do however, I can't help but think it doesn't sound a bit like REST!! Next time you go to the doctor, have him check your ears!!
    Give those furbabies kisses from me! I'd love to roll around on the floor with them. Yep, I'm THAT kind!!!!

  3. How exciting to have a building to make into a workshop. You'll have some great space for crafting! Hugs! ♥

  4. Well Ms. Brenda your crafting space sounds like a fun project to be looking forward to. Excited for you!
    Hope you get feeling better-not looking forward to allergy season myself.
    Love those fur babies pic! You can see the mischief in their eyes ;-)

  5. Good Morning, Brenda:
    You will find a way to work and plan/decorate your craft room. If anyone can do it, you can.
    Fall orders already? Do the shops order this early? Wow.
    I always love seeing pictures of "the girls". Sorry you are allergic, I don't blame you. I'd rather take a Claritin and have the fur babies.

  6. Good morning Brenda,

    Your babies are adorable. How exciting to be planning a workshop and there is plenty of inspiration on Facebook and Pinterest, no limits, dream big!..hope the Claritin works good to stave off those rotten allergies.
    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Glad to hear from you again Brenda. Hope you can keep you allergies in check. The babies look adorable.

    Have a nice day,

  8. Hi, Brenda~ the girls are so precious~ give them kisses & hugs for me~
    Kitties went outside last night for 2hrs they smelled of fresh air~ I told them they got aired out~ giggles~ usually Buffy doesn't like it, but last night he was enjoying himself~ they went fast to sleep early~ I think it wore them out~ chasing anything they could find~
    have a great day

  9. Having your furbabies around is SO worth being a little miserable with allergies! I am happy popping my pills if I get to cuddle Stryker. Your plan for your studio is inspiring--as are the sample photos. I have been getting orders already for halloween!! It seems people are ready to buy for any season throughout the year. Good luck with the studio.-Jan

  10. Love the pic of the furkids! Wow,they are beautiful.The things we do in order to have them.I am thinking of taking up my carpet to see if it will help with Gretchen's allergies.
    So sorry that your allergies are so messed up.Praying that you fill better soon.
    I will have to try to find that page on FB.Sure hope that you take plenty of pictures along the way of setting up your workshop.Exciting business.Hugs,Jen

  11. Your fur babies are so cute! I hear ya about the in and out thing though! Jack is happy to stay out and lay in the sun, but Gunner is in and out. He's truly an indoor dog. LOL! How wonderful to be able to have a space that's truly all yours! It;s going to be fun coming up with ways to fix it all up. Can't wait to see it!!

  12. i love your cute doggies! Mine do the same, beg to go and than just sit there wanting back in. Once I get everything closed up again they are doing a dance to get back out...drives me crazy, lol. how wonderful is that, you get your own crafting area, that will be awesome once you get it all done :) hope your allergies get better, I couldn't imagine not having all my animals either if i had allergies...I would be popping allergy pills like crazy just to be able to have my fur babies around. Hope you are having a wonderful day Brenda!
    hugs, Trish

  13. Mine does that too, they can't make up their mind, lol.
    Can't wait to see how you decorate your space.


  14. Oh those girls are just precious! What is it with them wanting in, wanting out, wanting in... my miniature schnauzer is the exact same way. It drives me crazy some days, he's worse than the kids, lol. But they are just too darn cute and lovable to stay in trouble very long.

    I thought about working on Christmas but it just felt weird so I put it on the back burner for now.

    I love craft room inspiration pictures! I think a wall of storage is a great idea. Sounds like you've been thinking about this for awhile now and know exactly what you want. Just take it easy girl and don't over-do it trying to get everything done. Take your time and let it all come together.

    Enjoy the rest of your week~

  15. There is something so great about making a craft space :O), I am sure your building will be wonderful when you get it all done :O)

  16. Brenda how exciting to be able to design your studio space. I love the sample pics, they use a lot of vertical space. I am also trying to put my fabric on cardboard panels. It has been a chore! Love the pics of your dogs, they are so precious. I am on a look out for a puppy and not sure what I want yet. I have always had big dogs but looking at more of a lap dog! lol...Happy crafting to you. and look forward to the pics of the transformation on the shed.

  17. Good luck with your studio..those pics are an inspiration for sure! I woud not be able to give up those adorable faces either..they are too cute. Take care, Janice

  18. This may be all in my head...but it's worth a try for your allergies. Ever since I had Kaden I have found I have allergies I never had had before. Seasonal, flowers, cats...My nose and eyes would itch like crazy, I get all drippy, and I get this ridiculous cough. Two springs ago...I was on a big health kick..I took Zinc..everyday..and had very minimal effects with my allergies. Never paid any attention..EXCEPT to it the zinc? Last spring..i was back into fat lady fast food syndrome..and not taking the zinc..allergies darn near killed me! I really think it was the I'm back on's worth a try...and inexpensive!!! Katie! (I really am an RN, but unless your birthing a baby..I'm pretty useless, hehe)

  19. Those fur babies are just so darn cute!!!
    How wonderful to have such a cool crafting space ~ can't wait to see it all come together ~ I know it's going to be grand!!!
    Prim Blessings

  20. In and out, in and out, grass and mud, twigs and hair. Oh my:) Too cute. The craft room you want is amazing. I hope it all comes together this summer for you. -Steph-


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