Thursday, February 2, 2012

The weight that is on the poor critter today

Good Morning, Happy Groundhogs day

This has to be the most watched Critter in the world, to see if he sluggishly crawls out, if he sees that shadow or doesn't. The poor guy, or is he? He is popular! 

Everyone watches and waits but does everyone believe?

He is honored with a day all his own, on calendars and in celebrations
Even Broadcasted in the news as millions watch on

With the unseasonable warm weather this year I am sure most like me are ready for an early spring. Our trees are already budding out in Oklahoma.

My yard *weed patch* has never lost it's hints of green this year, which is hard to believe since it turned brown last June and stayed that way until winter?

Our plans this year are to seed the yard, and I can not wait to plant everything I had planned on planting this past spring.

As most know we had to pay a visit to the Vet this week, and he did say that due to no major freezing, this year is going to be a bad one for fleas and ticks!

Yes my wildflowers have poked their green heads above the ground
And will surely bloom early this year, or will we have a Winter before it is over with? Is it not amazing that we wait and wonder?

I am ready for warmer weather just not the stormy weather that comes with it
Wishing you all a wonderful HAPPY ground hogs day



  1. Hi Brenda! This warmer weather has me a bit worried about the tornadic weather that we get this month :/ Guess it won't do any good to worry as 'what will be, will be'. Hope Rango is feeling better, Off to sign up for your new Giveaway!

  2. We have had unseasonably warm and mild weather in Ohio this year, really freaky. Buckeye Chuck (Ohio's groundhog) did not see his shadow this morning, so we MAY have an early spring. Yesterday and today sure felt like it, it got up to 61 degrees here yesterday.

    Happy Groundhog Day!!

  3. Nope me I want some winter.Yes I keep my animals treated but have seen a flea or two.They have never had any till this year.I think with the mild temps.Just have to stay on top of it more.Hope Rango's foot is healing.Happy Ground Hog Day! Hugs!~Amy

  4. Yeah, I've been grousing about the possibility of more ticks and even fleas. Our dogs have never had fleas but do get the occasional tick. Since old Clifford had a bad reaction to the tick stuff, we have never treated for bugs. I hope we do get some winter--like snow. We seriously need moisture. It is foggy today but that helps no one.

  5. Oh, to be able to start planning the garden and yard. We have had to seed several places on the lawn over the last couple of years due to grubs. I must say the seeded parts look better than what we rolled. Good luck. Ticks scare the crap out of me. -Steph-

  6. The weather worries me too. I just winter would come and then be over with. We live in an area where the ticks are bad and I do worry about my dogs and especially about Maggie since she already had to go through Heartworm treatments at 10 months old. I do not ever want any of my pets to go through that again. I did find 1 thing that helps a lot and that is to put some apple cider vinegar in a gallon jug of warm water and pour over them when you give them a bath. I also put a capfull in their drinking water every time I fill it :)

  7. I was afraid the bugs would be worse because of the mild (or lack of) winter we've had here too... *GREAT*... :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Brenda!

  8. Our Michigan Ground Hog did not see his shadow. We actually have a ground hog in our back yard who lives in our wood pile, and I have not even seen him lately. LOL take care, Janice


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