Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just some Rambling

Hello one and all that are here!! Good Afternoon.........Directly after this post I will be adding a New Giveaway Post for the month of January, so come back and check it out
What will I be giving away..........well seeing that there should be wool in my mailbox, I am offering one of these

He is made from a pattern by Kentucky primitives. So be sure to come back to the next post I will do and sign up for my first giveaway of 2012!! Yes I keep repeating that year it just has me amazed at the number?

RAMBLING, read on if you want to hear if not Have a great day

Oh I have had one of those mornings........in fact not one that I intend to share here if you know what I mean. In case there are Eyes I would not want to see it or ears I would not want to hear it LOL

Please let me explain that it is no way followers or friends but others.........I will just leave it at that, not any of you gals at all!

I am considering opening a new blog one that nobody can connect the dots back to me LOL!! Hope you are understanding this, example If I want to shout out my misfortune I want a place I can go to to unload.

It will not be just gripping it will cover lots of things in life, life's lessons so to speak. Last year I had a follower ask me how I did a certain technique in making something. Well you all know I love to share, so maybe I will cover topics on that as well.  I don't want to make it by invitation only, but I do intend share the link with some if any of you would like to follow along let me know. It will not be linked to this blog or this profile of mine. 

Also I am considering once it gets a great deal of following * Hopefully*, comments, etc. to put ads on it, so just a forewarning there for those that do not like blogs with ads. Darn may as well attempt to make a few cents out of my pocket of little knowledge LOL

Ok off to post my giveaway next, before I have to run and find that wool!
Have a Great Day Friends



  1. Dear Sweet Brenda..I had "one of those" weeks!! I've spent the majority of my time in tears. I think I can blame some of it on PMS...but the rest is just life. I too...have a hard time with just what to do with those feelings. I find if I write about them, I feel better. Yet sometimes, not sure my blog is the place to put them in words. YET that was part of the reason I started the blog in the first place..Hmmm..I also hate to be Debbie Downer and put my struggles out there for all to see..Ahhh...what to do what to do!! Yet...sometimes that's exactly what I need to do..knowing I'm not the only one struggling, or the only one who has been in this place. And hearing others stories of inspiration...ahhh..Oh well...guess I'll just go birth the babies, lol!! Hugs to you!! Katie

  2. Brenda, I think the new blog would be a great idea! I love reading your blog and do look forward to you doing another. Reading your blogs makes me realize I am not alone in everyday life happenings. So for your sharing I say THANKS! Here's to a Great 2012 for us all!

  3. Yep you should be able to speak freely it's your little space.I'd love to follow your new blog.I was thinking about the ads last week but decided against it on mine just hate to have another thing to think about.LoL..Sorry you had a bad day.Hugs!~Amy

  4. Brenda, check your FB inbox! HUGS!!!

  5. I hear you, girlfriend...
    link me up to your new site and
    I'll be there. You have my
    email addy!

  6. I like how you ramble girlfriend... we are hear to listen.
    Great idea about a new bog, count me in as well. Changes are a good thing, take charge of what we can change and leave the rest behind.

  7. Brenda I always enjoy reading your blog so I would love to be linked up to your new one.Sorry that you had a bad day!Hugs,Jen

  8. Lots of "rough patches" going on all over the place me thinks.... I certainly can empathize. I would be honored if I could follow along on any new outlet you might decide....Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin


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