Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Morning a WIP and Sleepy Dogs

Good Friday Morning to you all
Sitting here with coffee all curled up in this chair
And Shelby and Rango all curled up in a blanket on the recliner

Shaggy Dogs!!!
Shelby stays cold Rango stays hot??
Every time I have had an appointment to get them cut I cancel LOOK at Rango oh my word, she does not even look white yes she gets baths But I am out of blue shampoo for white dogs, if you have a white dog there is a special shampoo that brings out the white in their fur when they are bathed, yes just like the blue shampoo for gray or white haired folks

*chilly this morning but it is going to be 70 here today*
CAN you hear me shouting with joy?

I have to think about getting out of the house and taking a much dreaded trip to YUP you have got to be able to guess this one THE metal place AGAIN!!!
Am I the only one that does not like to have to go ANYWHERE?
I think it is the thought of putting on clothes and not taking a shower and putting on fresh PJ's to hang out in all day long LOL!! I am truly a homebody, just looked out my window and it is SO foggy out
so I will wait for the fog to lift before I go
OH and do not worry the other drivers on the road will be safe this morning No metal hanging over to cope with, just some supplies to finish the job on the deck! AND more of the carpenters aprons I can not believe I have found a local source for them
And they have no advertising on the fronts, they are great canvas also and a reasonable price
Now if it were spring I would not mind this trip because I could take in some garage sales
while I am out, I miss being in East Texas you could find garage sales year round there!

I have several of these in the works that I will be listing in a few days

Of course the dowels will be cut shorter for the sunflowers This one will have a larger amount of the broom corn in it I got the graphics at 

I also have one with a vintage looking sewing graphic with vintage sewing supplies inside

And a Shabby Chic or Cottage style one that is not stained  with burlap on the pocket and vintage crochet and other items on the pocket And inside of it. And I am finishing up five of the American ones that I have orders for.

I have a small wholesale order almost finished and a snowman order! Oh I have missed my wholesale business, I suppose mostly because of the volume of business I was doing daily, yes it can be stressful but I do enjoy it! And I hope to get back to it real soon, we have a man working on a bid for us for a building
We will see? If so maybe I could get my studio done sooner then I thought which would
be great, I am so tired of trying to possibly rearrange things to have more room in such a tiny area

Yes the coffee has kicked in and I am babbling, so I will wish you all a Wonderful Weekend and say Goodbye for now


  1. Brenda,
    You are not the only one who like to stay home, especially on a day like today. Here in Ohio it is now a balmy 8 degrees, high of 27 and everything is covered in ice and light snow.
    We will be so glad to move back to TN, hopefully this spring/summer. There too, are yard/garage sales all year long!!
    Warm Wishes,

  2. Oh I have never heard of 'blue' shampoo for dogs...that is interesting... I have heard of it for women's hit...& remember my grandmother using it in her white clothes!! Smile... Well, you enjoy thoses 70 degree temps..we have 7 degrees this morning & snow on the ground.

    Have a blessed day,

  3. Looks like you're getting busy again! Enjoy your weekend, my friend! ♥

  4. Brenda, your furbabies look so cute! My Sadie needs a bath and a good trim, I need to get her into the doggie salon.

    I have my hand up for being a homebody too. When I get off work, I just want to go home; on the weekends, I want to stay home.

    Enjoy your day.

  5. Brenda, I love being home too.
    I also love seeing your furbabies. We have poodles and they are our furbabies too.

    I love the new project you are working on. You NEVER stop crafting but that is OKAY by me, because I love to see everything you craft up.
    I don't think you sleep girlie!
    Have a blessed,warm and cozy crafting day!

    Prim Hugs,

  6. I tend to stay in, during the winter. And I like wearing jammies at home and being comfy. I like your new piece, need to get some new things to decorate with, but waiting for the guys to stop banging on the house before I bother.


  7. I'm with you take a shower and stay in your PJ' spring anyway then I won't be able to stay put with all the yard sales.Unfortunatly there is always much running to do so I get few of those PJ days anymore.Have a great weekend!~Amy

  8. I do not like to go out either! And prefer to stay home. But life calls and I have to run errands and pick up our son from school, etc. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  9. I'm with you, Bren, on being a homebody!! Safe and WARM travels to you as you are out and about today! Love your new sunflower pocket! Great minds must think alike as I'm finishing my crows and sunflowers!!

  10. I hate going out too! In fact I need to get in the shower and get going myself...but I am dawdling on the computer! have agreat day!!

  11. Did you say 70? Right now it's a whopping 7 here. We have a windchill advisory in effect...MINUS 20 today. I kept Kaden home from school again today. He came home wednesday with a horrible cough. He feels fine..just sounds awful. I think he could have gone today...he hasn't been coughing much at all. But I figured with the wind chills..I was just keeping him home!!

    You are most DEFINATELY no the only one who hates going anywhere. I remember as a teen when I couldn't understand my Mom for the life of me. She never wanted to go anywhere...just stay home. NOW I am my Mom, lol. I just love being home. Especially when it's minus 20, lol!!!

    My boys are trying to tell me it's snowing..i think they are crazy. It's to cold to snow. Goofy kids!

  12. Hey, Brenda! Those pockets you're making are awesome. No wonder you've got orders for them. Beautiful idea.
    I don't go out except if I have a doctor's appointment. I love being
    in my jammers.

  13. Don't feel bad, Brenda, I'm the same way! I received a Fedex delivery at 11:00am my bathrobe! LOL


  14. Hey, they have those special shampoos for people too! LOL. Of course you know that I'm a homebody due to my condition. I do all my shopping online. Seventy degrees! In the Winter?? Crazy weather we're having.
    I like the way you grunge up those aprons :o)


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